Govt must Upgrade Police Computerized FIR online record

Our Police Stations are still represents 19th century, nothing has changed nor upgraded if you go there to register the FIR you will witness that same old constabulary system, Same old registers same old ways Carbon papers kept between two for multiple copies and registering FIR least takes an hour.

Later when the police forward the registered FIR to designated Investigation officer, he adds up more papers in it, in which he reviews the crime scene and other technicalities, there is no such thing as Copy of CNIC attacked with  Registered FIR by the Complainer, 14 days of duration for the investigation after which case gets forwarded to the court or either ends up in the record room.

Does it has to be like this all the way since dark ages, to ensure that after FIR has been registered informing onto the computerized data base doesn’t exists by which all other Police Stations in other respective areas , cities , town across Pakistan gets to know if they have any information regarding that issue or suspect?

Even if the government start upgrading the policing and FIR system one by one, I think there will be a day when people would be able to know the status of their registered FIR online and if nothing has happened for far, forward the complaint to the courts, but unfortunately no body seems to be bothered about Computerized FIR Registration which is must advantages I wouldn’t be able to list down all but I am sure if you are educated person than you know what is possible in this age when the data gets Online, wouldn’t it be easier like the way My own two FIR’s one regarding Stolen Car which Boat Basin Police seems to forgotten after been bribed and the other one is recent Mobile Snatched at the Gun point, on the I.I.C Road Karachi, where Banks got more camera’s than the street lights by the government. What I have to do, Visit the police station ask them as if i am the beggar or call up the Investigation officer on which the most common word ” Inshallah ” not knowing the meaning and the worth of it gets back in reply. It has been almost 2 years and I have sent FIR copy to almost every single department for my vehicle, I am wondering what CPLC is upto? they have computerized system and all facilities which is semi-government department why hasn’t they been able to trace where the hell my car went? Is it in Pakistan !

What to expect from such departments ( JUSTICE ) please don’t joke with me, increasing salaries and benefits reducing the ratio of bribery in this department but until and unless FIR’s will not get logged Online we wouldn’t be able to know what is actually happening.

I feel like crying after seeing such policing system, 1947 till 2012 only thing which has upgraded is SHO’s Room with AC rest It’s a place where you can say Timeless world you cannot tell which year it is when you are in the police station, neither proper place to seat, nor the enviroment is good. Over all you will witness yourself that Years even centuries doesn’t matter, are we improving the System? or we have become the part of it by accepting just the way it is, beside¬† this what other options to do have, The answer is NONE, Speak up like me, somebody might hear you out.

Else, only Personal Source is most welcome, if anyone from authorities above IO and SHO read this would ask them and order them as if without that, it is not their duty to perform on regular basis. Where are we living some sort of Stone age?

Speak up to improve and for the change by yourself, else nobody is bothered to hear the deads.

Farhan Imaan


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