Govt promotes tourism without proper rest areas (Public Toilets)

The Government of Pakistan focuses on multi billion dollar tourism industry but without basic facilities like rest areas (public toilets) for tourists which becomes a real inconvenience for commuters.

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Govt promotes tourism without proper rest areas (Public Toilets).

Major tourism hotspots like Murree and Malam Jabba in Swat have no facilities like rest areas (public toilets) being set up by the government and tourists will have to face issues while travelling with the family and eventually end up stopping at some nearby mosque or hotel/restaurant.

The Government is keen to promote tourism but since many politicians travel by air, they are unaware of the basic essentials which are required for tourists on the road. For instance, you will find no rest rooms (public toilet) facilities while travelling from Islamabad to Murree via Expressway. Similarly, there is lack of such facilities while travelling to Swat’s Malam Jabba resort, that is until the time you reach your destination stretching 50 kilometers.

Basic facilities like rest stops need to be provided in order to boost tourism in the country. The Government needs to provide public toilets, however, if it is difficult to proved free facilities, they can at least set up executive and paid rest rooms for commuters and charge a reasonable amount. It will be better than having no public toilets at all while commuting.

However, there are rest rooms present at some places but the condition of these is no bad that even animals will avoid going near them. For instance, the rest rooms (public toilets) at the top of Malam Jabba, which you reach after after enjoying the chairlift ride have rest area unfit for use by any person. These toilets are not maintained and there is no authority in place to launch a complaint regarding the matter.

Similarly, these issues exists with Naran, Kaghan and Bisham, where the only place where you can public toilets are the petrol pumps (gas stations).

Why Government is not paying attention to the basic facilities yet continues to promote tourism in hopes of generating billions of dollars in revenue from the sector. There should be proper sign boards about service and rest areas just like on the motorways across Pakistan so people know where to stop and how long to hold. Hopefully, the government will realize this soon.

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