Hate inciting and bullying speech by Vice Chancellor SBBU

Slave posture of faculty: One can easily notice the frightened faculty members standing in obedient posture.

Bullied students: See the level of voice pitch of students responding ‘yes sir’ which shows how students are kept under fearful environment.

Tone and attitude of VC: His body language and tone are reminiscent of feudals who usually hold sway on their farmers in quite similar way. His attitude clearly is second to dictatorship this chap is enjoying because there are no teachers’ and employees’ associations who can keep an active eye on his dictatorial attitude.

Public bullying: Just focus on his tone and wording which he is uttering publicly just imagine what worst he can do when there is no camera? Here the version of the girl is justified.

Not being mediator: Being the head of the institution, he has failed to intermediate both the parties, instead he chose to be party. Again girl seem to be right about him.

Inciting for protest: This chap must be only one in the history of universities VCs, who incited teachers to protest. More so, he himself wrapped the black band to register solidarity with protesting milieu.

Instigating and bullying students: He had the temerity to defy the ethical norms by bullying students to change the DP on their social media in favour of VC. He went on to say this way they can fight the opponent infact- the victim.

Inquiry committee: Rather than setting up inquiry committee against the girls allegations of harassment, he became judge, jury and prosecutor himself.

Chief Justice of Pakistan must take notice against this breach of sanctity of the seat and inquiry of the allegations level against him by the girl.

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Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University

By Mujeeb Abro

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  1. Comment: Simply analyze the video of girl.

    Her voice trembles when she was asked how she was sexually harassed.

    She even don’t know what sexual harassment means. Surely ! it does not means asking phone number.

    She calls herself 2nd position holder, despite of the fact She planned attack on lecturers.

    She don’t have any kind of evidance to support her claim. she is Ayesha Gulalai 3

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