Hoax by NASA on the pointless prediction

It was on iCNN and many other local channels and websites that NASA predicted dark sky on 23rd December, which is today and it’s 730 am here in Karachi,  I can see it is normal morning like any other before all I am wondering why NASA wasn’t sure enough about it or Hoax ?

Here’s The Post

Subject: NASA predicts total blackout on 23-25 Dec 2012 during alignment of Universe.

US scientists predict Universe change, total blackout of planet for 3 days from Dec 23 2012.

It is not the end of the world, it is an alignment of the Universe, where the Sun and the earth will align for the first time. The earth will shift from the current third dimension to zero dimension, then shift to the forth dimension. During this transition, the entire Universe will face a big change, and we will see a entire brand new

The 3 days blackout is predicted to happen on Dec 23, 24, 25….during this time, staying calm is most important, hug each other, pray pray pray, sleep for 3 nights…and those who survive will face a brand new world….for those not prepared, many will die because of fear. Be happy, enjoy every moment now. Don’t worry, pray to God everyday. There is a lot of talk about what will happen in 2012, but many people don’t believe it, and don’t want to talk about it for fear of creating fear and panic. We don’t know what will happen, but it is worth listening to USA’s NASA talk  about preparation.

Whether it’s true or not, better be prepared. No panic, stay calm, just pray. Remember to smile more, love more, forgive more…everyday.  Better avoid traveling during December.

Do they lack from technology or Science has also turned retards like Mayan’s?

So much heard and seen the documentaries about pole shift , galactic change , Planet X , Nebru , Elenin , Mayans finally i have come on to this conclusion that, media is the actual enemy which scares and create fears, in reality there is no such thing at all. Giving exposure to lies and speculations does no good but creating fear does at a lot more than one could even thing of, specially world is ending, poles are shifting and on the other hands WARS and Dirty tricks are being played just by throwing the dust in the eyes of the people.

Now the point is are they  going to Cancel of Christmas Flights ? I don’t think so and there’s nothing going to happen even on 25th December 2012 rest next time don’t take such mess seriously because this is just to confuse you and divert your mind since nobody is in the favor of GOOD anymore.

21st December 2012, People’s reaction was are we still alive? now that’s the height of insanity which documentaries, media channels, astrologers and wackos created, Total non sense  from start till end not a single thing worth to be heard or share at least I am not wasting my time thinking when or what the hell gonna happen it is on the Creator who created everything to end one day like we all die. So folks what would you like to say about Hi Tech NASA’s pointless Prediction.

By : Farhan Imaan

INCPak Team.

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