INCPak Completes 4 years on the web 16th November 2016

Independent News Coverage Pakistan (INCPak) website went online on 16th November, 2012 – To Unite and To Empower Youth, it  gained popularity among youth within no time. In less than a year INCPak became among the top tech websites from Pakistan.

QMobile Noir A5 Video Review and QMobile Noir A2 Root Method became the reason of it’s popularity but Qmobile Noir A8 Root Method and Custom rom revolutionized it completely, Since then INCPak holds the record of delivering maximum Custom Roms for various Smartphones and till dated we are on the top – Obviously it wasn’t possible with the team.

INCPak Completes 4 years on the web today and I am grateful of Al-mighty Allah that I have met thousands of people across Pakistan through INCPak. This website not only share the information but unites us all, from Karachi to Kashmir, we believe in unity and our common interests are same.

I would like to Thank INCPak Team and INCPak Forum members for making it one of the successful website, giving it reorganization on the world wide web. One of the strange thing about INCPak Team that we’ve all met after INCPak became online got to know each other and became part of INCPak family.

INCPak not only covers Smartphones, Android Development and Technology news but also shared the news and  Information on Top Official level, In 2015, INCPak offered Youtube Crash Course from which approx 300 students learn’t how to monetize videos and earn online.

In my view my achievement is to know you all, we are one big family now – Name the town or village and INCPak is there :)   we’ve set new target this year and by the graces of Allah we’ll achieve them.

INCPak Forum on facebook gained popularity and serving it purpose well, but for the developers we know what matters the most soon we are about to launch

We’ve built this empire together, It was my idea but Team and Members contributed and made it this far, everyone contributed and believed in INCPak –  I have no doubt to say INCPak is delivering it’s best.

Thank you all for supporting and believing in my tiny vision.

INCPak Family is growing on daily basis.

May Allah Bless you.

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