INCPak Urdu site is live now

Independent News Coverage Pakistan received the requests regarding sharing information and news in Urdu hence we have introduced INCPak Urdu official site for our Urdu readers.

Much needed for Pakistani visitors, INCPak Urdu is live on beta testing we are making necessary changes according to user interface and experience and Insha’Allah we’ll continue to publish authentic news and information for our loyal readers as we have done so for 5 years.

As our visitors are already aware we DO NOT PUBLISH Bollywood’s vulgar news and gossip so please don’t except from us in the future as well. Our primary focus is on empowering youth about the current affairs and tech news from all over the world.

Along with this new edition we are introducing All in One video downloader one stop to download videos from facebook,twitter,tumblr,instagram,youtube etc. (For youtube mp3 download option will be available) a responsive interface makes it easy to use on mobile devices don’t forget to bookmark.

INCPak urdu website
INCPak Urdu website logo

We made some slight changes in our INCPak official logo for our urdu content site

This new INCPak Urdu edition is only going to improve with your valuable feedback so don’t forget to share it with us.

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