Islamabad CDA Sector E-12 Allottees demands justice from PM

The Sector E-12 offered by CDA to public through ballot in 1989 has not been developed for almost three decades. The matter of its development and handing over of plots to the allottees has since been debated within CDA (floating tenders, auction of plots in E-12, making budget allocation, agenda item for CDA Board meetings) Judiciary, National Assembly committees (assurance given by CDA to address the matter) print and electronic media but no redressal to owners so far.

Thirty (30) long years is a lifetime span. Most of the government officers who were allotted plots upon retirement and senior citizens who got plots through ballot have since died.

Their next generation too is now old and mostly retired. For many the allotment letter for a plot in E-12 is their only inheritance.

The delay in development is breach of trust of citizens (4,430 allottees) who have since been waiting for a state institution to deliver on its promise and is clear breach of “Fundamental Right of Citizens”.

Prayer: The Honorable Prime Minister is requested to kindly direct CDA to:
 Prepare necessary amendment to CDA rules of business to address the matter of the compensation for built-up-properties (BuP); if this is a hurdle in development of this sector.
 CDA should get possession of the E-12 land for which it had paid compensation to the locals since long and start development without further delay.
 CDA should give affirmative and concrete timeframe during which E-12 Sector will be developed and handed over to the allottees.

Hoping for a favorable consideration of this appeal on behalf of the 4,430 E-12 allottees.

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  1. Thank you for the article. I am an overseas Pakistani allottee. I pray this issue is resolved ASAP.

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