When it comes to celebrities expect anything for fame and money, like Veena went for nude Photo shot and said Images were Photoshoped, this time Meera crossed all the barrier,  and said In this Video somebody wearing MASK  Thank God she didn’t said Photoshopped, well I wasn’t surprised at all,  the video isn’t fake from any angle while Saddest part is Media Created Hype no matter Social or Electronic both played well. #Meera #SexTape <— Twitter Trends on 7th January 2014.


Let’s suppose the video was deliberate act do you know how about that particular GROUP which leaked or released video must have made in US Dollars ? Any Idea … No  In Just 2 Hours , 20 Million saw the video of 2 minutes. Now let me clear here, The Video was thrown on the Twitter first and later jumped on Facebook somebody must have done it, that is impossible for 1 person, because it was completely inside Job ! Indoor not some incident happened and media captured  It was the Clip of the entire Video Captured the way it ends means there is continuity Meera isn’t clicking Touch Pad.

Mubasher Lucman had entire Prime Time Talk show with Meera and Captain America what for? Proving the video is real or FAKE ?

Meera and Her Captain America were having sex but what surprises me is  No TALIBAN Statement they wouldn’t bother to issue any statement when it comes to such nudity doesn’t matter from Veena , Meera or any other but they will blow Mosques , Shrines , Churches and Temples but  Talibans don’t have Internet access back there !

Who’s stupid?

Admit Media has polluted your mind and played well ” Mindset ” Crap that you finally ended watching the talk show without appealing for Inquiry or Investigation by concerned Authorities About Taliban would shoot Malala blow off Brave Police Officer  SSP Ch Aslam  but Meera on this video…. lolx forget it …. Same breed !

Any Computer user with Built-in Webcam can tell you that it’s not Hacked or security breached but deliberately recorded. 

Mr. Lucman is respectable Anchor since he is very outspoken but, wasting time on this non sense doesn’t suits his personality, unfortunately he did. Show was totally worthless since Meera has no credibility nor respect, If there was any a bit before now after seeing tits gone to soon.

I have no Interest in Meera but I just wanted to highlight that Taliban never given statement WHY? even in Lucman’s show Meera didn’t mention Taliban for threatening but some fella who don’t even exist on the planet earth only in Gmail Inbox with whom Captain America contacted and wiped him off !

This Video not only smashed Pakistan’s image specially highlighed Pakistan in Pornography because Meera Sex Tape been the Highest Search of the week, If you are somewhat related to Adwords and Web related work must be knowing.

Meera said, It’s somebody else wearing Mask !  MASK ………. till neck okay perfect FACE OFF MOVIE but what the hell about entire body?  Ohh ! that Mask Lady even got Teeth shaped as meera wow and Captain America had 100% full body makeup ooops MASK aswell….

There should be inquiry on this video? WHY NOT???  Let the Investigation Department find out the truth because each video has the ” Video Data File Signature also known as Finger prints sort of a heat signature” by which It can be determined the  Camera Model means Laptop which Brand , Time , Date and If Net was connected Geographical Location whole lot more as well   this is 2014 not 1994.

When Facebook or Google asks you for Face Tagging don’t think it’s for fun but try Google Images sometime > Open Google click on Google Images > Drag any Image of anyone go the Search bar and see the Instant result how does Google finds out where the same image stored on the net – It’s because of the Signature …

Now I am sure Meera isn’t that wise at all,  but if FIA wants they can find out and Judiciary should also play it’s part, The Possibilities are there and I am damn sure the video is just the clip of the entire video which surely gonna get released sooner or later now it is upto Authorities and the People to raise this issue, if they care for minors using Facebook and Twitter.

To Mr. Mubasher Lucman , Sir with all respect you did not asked any valid question nor alarmed Captain America or Meera’s bell by telling them that there is way to know if the video is fake or not, you simply made them feel technology is still in stone age which is not at all.

Least I am expecting from Pakistani Cyber Warriors to do there best since they the best of the best, working and defending Pakistan Cyber Space volunteer along with Software engineers to dig and drill the video find out where and when rest this ain’t a joke, It was shameful and condemnable video by worthless people who need public attention by doing any act.

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