Mind Division

I remember those days when there was only one channel all around and elders were used to sit in front of the TV to watch that 9pm news bulletin. That one hour was enough to be discussed in the next morning with co-worker, friends and fellows. Mostly political news were taken into account. Everyone was bound to trust one source (PTV). But then with the passage of time, new channels were introduced and they became more popular than PTV.

Mind Division

A so called “Freedom” was given to the media by a dictator to expose different fields and factors. May be it was thought that the power of media will be a very progressive sign for Pakistan and the people of Pakistan would be able to have a wider look of the real world and things happening around them. Therefore so many channels came up within few years and they took the charge. A lot of news anchors, entertainment channels, and live shows were getting rolled day by day. The plan really worked and this new media took the responsibility to expose hidden and covered stuff out there,
After few years when these channels became so much popular and powerful, the real game started. Heavy investments were there, politicians started to participate in TV shows, pre-planned shows were in, and thus it resulted in “Media Politics”. The entertainment channels changed the trend of our lives, reformation of a new culture, higher expectations, higher needs and higher dreams. Foreign investments were spread in the media (according to many sources) to achieve different goals. The foremost goal was to develop different mind sets in order to enhance the concept of “Confusions”. Elements were produced to do so including anchors, channels and reality shows to ruin two things i-e “Ideology” and “Identity”.

No doubt, “Our Ideology stands for Islam and our Identity is Pakistan”. But the thing is, it wasn’t very hard to mold a Nation which consisted of a very low literacy rate and having more than 79% of its population less than 30 years old.

Another thing which was injected in our minds was a question i-e “Is Democracy better than Dictatorship?” So many talk shows took place, articles were written on this topic but still we were caught in. No one had discussed the actual thing. I mean why we are discussing this all over. Isn’t it enough for each and every Pakistani to be governed by a sincere leader whether he is a dictator or a democratic entity! The thing is, it has to be more important for us to determine whether the selected candidate can secure our identity and ideology rather than getting messed up with such confusing and irrelevant statements.

After reading the above, I think you would have observed that all the above discussed incidents were a part of electronic media.  This is how they Diverted our minds and reformed a new Confused civilization in order to complete their respective goals.
In the end I would ask you few questions. Do you think this media show our ideology and identity? Does this media following the right path? Is this media honest? And the last one, Is this media a part of “ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan”? Please make sure that the so called “Freedom” of this media let your minds “Free”.

Muhammad Noman

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INCPak Team.

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