Motorway Police On M9 SuperHighway – There’s no Motorway ( Karachi / Hyderabad )

Motorway Police on M9 – Karachi to Hyderabad found a way to fine like local police, Right on the Karachi Toll in a day time around 4 vehicles stand along with 8 Police Officers stopping each sedan vehicle, asking for licence – which once you hand over them they will find a reason to fine you, even it’s not valid, If you are not wearing your seat belt on Karachi Toll will Charge you 300/- Rupees Fine then and there, even If you tell the officer you removed the seat belt to take wallet out on Karachi Toll.

 They aren’t doing anything professional specially on M9  Karachi to Hyderabad which is in actual known as Super Highway – If the Seat Belt reason doesn’t fit they will go for the most stupid and illogical  things may even end up on your indicator light or expect the worst  – The point is once you hand over Licence you are bound to pay them depends on the officer’s will.

On 45 KM near DHA CITY – Superhighway Local Police standing to welcome you –  Here they will ask you for the Vehicles Registration papers as well we licence If you provide both they will start up being personal with you, If you are clean all the way then again police wants you to give them charity that’s what they are standing there for, In Pakistan we call this Modern Begging of Police Department instead of serving the people they are the unwanted stress.

IG Sindh recently replaced, but what it appears there is no check and balance when you enter in Karachi, no matter you are carrying Atom Bomb there’s no one to check your vehicle – infact you wouldn’t even see a single policemen on the Toll entrance In Karachi means any terrorist got the Green Signal.

I wanted to ask some senior who’s still sane how can you take your wallet out from your back pocket without removing the belt and if you did or didn’t what exactly do they want – May I know the revenue Government earns from this given contract of Karachi Toll ( Rs. 30 for the sedan Vehicle and 80 to 100 from the trucks? isn’t that enough to fill the stomach of Motorway police ?

If the driver is not wearing the Seat belt – It is  duty of the officer to instruct the driver as well the passengers least one time since it is for their own safety but going to damage worthless Super Highway 2 Lane broken ( Patched ) all the way – then again If the driver violates next time and the entire system is computerized hope they have the record which I doubt – Police may fine without telling the previous record – There are 1000s of vehicles which does not have seat belt  80s model ? each one has to pay Motorway police for not introducing Seat Belts in 80s sounds pathetic.

Police at 45 Kilometers should check the documents and if everything is valid shouldn’t get personal with driver because person in between his journey isn’t prepared to face modern beggars.

I am those of you been through this must be knowing how it feels and on your way back, never seen a single policemen on duty to check the vehicle incase you are carrying weapon of mass destruction bringing over in Karachi – IG Sindh needs to open his eyes before people like me mess on the road with least reputated department on the surface of this earth ( POLICE )

No Offense I do not respect those who are being paid on our Tax Money they are on the duty to serve the people rather then doing and asking the questions of their choice – Both Motorway Police and Local Highway Police needs to understand this isn’t 80s anymore and before fining make a proper Road – SuperHighway is not Motorway from anywhere you cannot name the road and start charging people for nothing.

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