Once again Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan is in the limelight due to Dr.Farooq Sattar and Amir khan’s internal dispute within the party. I feel pity for karachites suffering and watching this drama on main stream media almost every mid-night.

finally the rumors of Dr.Sattar slapped by Amir Khan is confirmed by ex-MQM Pakistan Politician who has recently joined Pakistan Surf Party.  Salman Mujahid Baloch has claimed that rumors of Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Amir Khan slapped his party convener on Monday are true.

Height of insanity (MQM-Pakistan) acting like Arabs…

The incident took place while a party session at MQM-P’s Bahadurabad office was underway on Monday when Amir Khan and some other leaders objected upon the nomination of Deputy Convener Kamran Tessori for Senate polls which turned into an exchange of hot words.

The news anchor probed if the former MQM leader could confirm the rumour of slapping Sattar and added that an insider had confirmed the news.

“It’s not a speculation. The people present at the meeting confirmed it to me,” he said. When asked if it was Amir Khan who slapped him, Salman affirmed it.

Will it split MQM-Pakistan into two separate parties? Indeed already on the Media Dr.Sattar side is known as MQM-PIB and Amir Khan’s side known as MQM Bahadurabad. Although it won’t be wrong to say MQM committed a suicide and Dr Farooq Sattar was carrying the dead body since August 23, 2016.

I guess one of the best title which is remaining to be named is MQM-RIP – Which Pakistan Surf Party‘s chief Mustafa Kamal already wished for.

Internal disputes is no longer hidden, everything being discussed on Media channels and Newspapers. MQM heading straight at the point of no return, This political party has lost it’s INVENTOR Bhai – even than late Dr.Imran Farooq’s mother tried to play the role of mediator this however she failed to convince Dr. Sattar (MQM-PIB) and Amir Khan (MQM-Bahadurabad).


Gone are the days when Altaf Hussain ruled and rocked in Karachi, Now so called MQM London has no place in Pakistan’s politics and MQM-Pakistan splitting up it’s widely visible. The clash between PIB and Bahadurabad seems to be damaging Karachi’s politics and so far Pakistan Surf Party has lot to gain from it.

People of Karachi are aware about the truth and who is who – sane and literate people are not interested in politics anymore and they avoid taking part in any political activity. In upcoming elections I am sure the turnout is definitely going to be less due to two major reason. One this time NO ALTAF bhai and second is people are sick of these dramas.

Pakistan Surf Party’s Raza Haroon said  “Had they fought on Karachi’s issues it would have been better,” he added. “Sindh is in crisis, residents of the metropolis are forced to drink poisonous water but the party is in a brawl for Senate tickets.”

The PSP leader claimed that MQM-P was under pressure as PSP announced to contest the Senate polls, due on March 3.

Unfortunately Karachi’s issues remains the same from garbage to water crisis MQM couldn’t deliver even being in the government and holding mayor seat. What good is MQM-Pakistan than the MQM-London? Nothing has changed in Karachi.

Why don’t they name is MQM-RIP ( Rest In Peace) by burying it in Yadgar-e-shuhada Grave yard, Azizabad forever?



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