Kashmir a dispute between two countries was caused on 1947 partition held into India and Pakistan while according to one of the rule of partition between both countries was that where majority of Muslims live will be declared the area of Pakistan a separate home land for Muslims but this was an imperfect partition done by British As Kashmir contains 86% of Muslims majority and was going to be the part of Pakistan but the Prince of Kashmir hari Singh joined India even he knows that majority of peoples living their wants to be part of Pakistan but hari singh who was hindu and joined India and created dispute between India and Pakistan and world knows India has a big role in It. After the imperfect partition the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah ordered the mujahids in Kashmir to fight for Pakistan and take over the Kashmir as a result with few weapons and no army Pakistani mujahids play a very vital role in it and administrated86,268 km² (33,308 mi²) Kashmiri area for Pakistan.

While Pakistan were having many expectations from newly born United nations (UN) That they will do justice with Pakistan according to the partition rule. But Pakistan founded darkness from UN orders when they asked Pakistan to remove its troops from Kashmir.

Now a days Kashmiri wants to be part of Pakistan and mujahids fighting every day for their pride (Pakistan). Jammu and Kashmir is said to be the biggest Prison of the world as India has deployed more then 800,000 troops. As almost 7 troops are deployed to keep eye on one civilian.
Since 1989, an estimated 90,000 Kashmiris have been killed by the Indian forces stationed inKashmir. The Indian Forces have been given a free hand to kill any person they choose. An estimated one million women have either been bereaved, tortured or humiliated and beaten up or killed. Thousands of kashmiris are missing from Jammu and Kashmir.
According to the report of some pirate survey company more then 5 peoples are missed or killed every day in Kashmir on the name of Agent. Children’s who went to school for study are forced to follow their rules or they got their name in missing persons of Kashmir. The Fathers who went to mosque are buried on the name of jihaadi. The mothers who protest for their missing childrens and relatives are blackmailed that army will kill their more sons too.

As the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad ali jinnah say “Kashmir is a jugular vein of Pakistan” now a days we come to know its importance when India sets blocks on Kashmir river to stop our water and then send it as a flood. While our government is not doing any thing for Kashmir. As they want to buy electricity from the dams of Kashmir Is this their agenda ? this shows complete confliction of the ideology of Quaid “Muhammad ali Jinnah”

India propaganda not ends there as they are building blocks on Kabul river in Afghanistan to stop our water from every where on the name of afghan energy crises. But our government wants a so called “amman ki asha” but they never thought that they can be on the same place what Kashmiris are facing.
In our Education there exists many stories but not even one story in any text-book about Kashmir to aware youth from the future.
May Allah Give Hidayat to every one
Offically Written by :- Ahmed Mehtab

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