Pakistan Railway and the past cult

Pakistan Railway earned 2.5 Billion in these 3 months of this government, which affected even the fares as well decreased upto 40% now I am not in favor Railway Minister Saad Rafique nor against him, I am concerned with Pakistan to me Railway Minister Mr.Saad Rafique isn’t a magician but one question pops up in my mind what was happening in past? Those huge losses and the fares hike, several trains cancelled  don’t even exist anymore was it Former railway Minister Mr.Bilour  The Cult only.

This shows clearly, there was atomic corruption was done under Bilour administration as far as I know Railway department has the Union and majority of the people are those who are generation to generation working in it. as Former Railway Minister Mr.Shaikh Rasheed says Pakistan Railway is the backbone maybe not for the economy but for Pakistan Army in hard times like war, Railway plays the major role, there’s is no doubt about it, moving the masses isn’t possible by air in B52 , DC10 nor by road.

Pakistan railway is the 2nd wealthiest Department of Pakistan after Sui Gas. This sudden change in Railways makes me wonder what this cult was doing as a minister, successfully launched Private Trains, made the department weaker and troubled common man.

I remember travelling by Train when Shaikh Rasheed was the Railway Minister ( Musharraf Era )  He not just well managed but introduced many new trains including Karakuram Express one of its kind personally I experienced the luxury and the comfort in affordable fares, till 2007 Pakistani trains were running 125 off the record and on the record 140 kmph since I was the train surfer, I know the speed not only from inside but outside as well it was fast.

Bilour the Cult took over railway and I constantly start hearing, Pakistan Railway is in big loss, there is no diesel to run trains, single train for Quetta in a week, many trains cancelled and wiped off from the surface. well Mr.Cult isn’t the railway minister anymore but he is back in National Assembly after PTI Chairman withdraw Peshawar NA-1 Seat, which I personally consider as his mistake by giving a chance to Bilour the cult again.

Pakistan’s ties with China are strong since china has it’s own reservations concerning mass transaction via arabian sea – Sea Port , previous government handed over Gawadar Port which I must say one wise decision taken, after which China showed the interest in making Rail and Road from China till Makran, no doubt it’s gonna be helpful for both people and economy.

Coming back from where we started, Railway Minister Saad Rafique very well managed this institution which was almost destroyed by The Cult and by giving a relief to ordinary Pakistani lowering the fares is appreciable, this shows me, Pakistan is capable to lift up itself without external inputs by just organizing. I am sure we’ll see good progress in Pakistan Railway in the future, though I am not fan of Bullet train but I would like to see better standard and service.

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