Qasim Ali Shah Criticized After Sexist Remarks

Renowned Pakistani motivational speaker and teacher Qasim Ali Shah has been the target of criticism after making some sexist remarks during an interview, a clip of which went viral on social media.

Qasim Ali Shah
Qasim Ali Shah Criticized After Sexist Remarks | Pic credits: Pinterest

According to Qasim Ali Shah, a woman’s aim in life should be to become good wives and mothers and let go of any other aspirations they might have while sticking to more traditional role.

We live in a society where women are always told their place in society while their existence is considered a burden. There are men who resort to murdering their wives for giving birth to a daughter.

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These types of sexist remarks were definitely uncalled for from a motivational speaker of his caliber. During the interview, Qasim Ali Shah talked about how schools don’t teach girls to be ‘good wives’ and ‘mothers’.

Twitter reactions over sexist remarks by Qasim Ali Shah

However, many people agree with the statement made by Qasim Ali Shah but it should be pointed that women in our society are sometimes not even given the right to choose what they want to do with their lives as it is considered inappropriate.

What we think?

Maybe a woman doesn’t want to get married or have kids and instead focus on her career but if she opts for the latter then society starts to question her character and upbringing as a ‘decent women’ in our society needs to accept her place, get married young, pop out a bunch of kids and take care of her husband including his entire family.

People argue that our society is better in many ways compared to Europe (which might be true to some extent and scenarios) but it is not always the true and let me tell you why:

Many say that European countries don’t have a family system or women there are treated like trash while sleeping around with everyone. However, the truth is entirely different.

Europe does have a family system but people over there are taught to be independent and not rely on others to provide them with basic necessities and this includes the women.

Majority Pakistanis believe that women over here are treated with utmost respect when they are kept bound to the four walls but that is not true since they are just being crippled from taking care of themselves and are taught to rely on others to provide them with shelter and food.

There are many cases where women are left to beg after their husband or father passes away because they don’t have anyone else to take care of them and since they never focused on their education or career, these women cannot find employment opportunities either.

This is mainly because most women are married at a young age and leave their education and even if they hold a degree, it is no longer worth anything after years of being inactive in the professional world.

However, the European women who are ‘treated like trash’ are independent and able to survive on their own without seeking help of others which is how it should be.

So someone please tell the renowned Qasim Ali Shah that there is more to women than being a wife and a mother and instead of predetermining their role and their ultimate life goals, that decision should be left to individual women to decide.

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