Rabi Pirzada defamation – An introspection

Rabi Pirzada defamation – An introspection

A few days ago twitter was full with people cursing Rabi Pirzada or asking for leaked data. If you are one of them, read this:

She didn’t release these videos for fame, it was a LEAK. (Shame)

She is married and she recorded the videos for her spouse. (Ashamed of yourself yet)

The Leak occurred when she exchanged her dead phone with a new one under warranty and someone from the distribution office shared the videos to her friends and then publicly ( Apple distributors in Pakistan ask for email and pass on replacement form for God knows what reasons)

Once a few people go access to the video, YouTubers and bloggers uploaded those videos to make quick money over someone’s privacy and dignity. Tweeps were worse than that, they did it for favs, RT and bunch of fans. ( If you are in this category, I curse you with the same)

A ray of hope emerged when people started supporting Rabi, her innocence, integrity, dignity and privacy. This shows we as a nation aren’t completely dead yet but a lot has to be fixed.

Since this incident, she has gone into depression which suicidal thoughts, she has also quit the show biz industry.

I think its time that we as a nation forget and move on instead of sharing the leaked content or judging her or inflicting any more mental pain on her.

If you know or see someone sharing those videos STOP THEM

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  • if she made that video for her spouse then its clear that her spouse is a gay because she was showing her spouse how to use Dildo its shame on you who is trying to justify her and shame on her that she did not deleted data before exchanging the phone ………………………………..do not try to be over smart