Reham Khan – A Classic Habitual Liar Ex

 Reham Khan The Ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan once again tweets against him. This time she’s targeting Imran khan for not praying Eid ul Adha prayers as there was no press release about it.

Reham Khan answering a twitter user said that Imran Khan doesn’t pray Eid, Friday or even Fajr prayers.


Latest Tweet


However same Reham Khan back in 2014 tweeted  about Imran Khan going for Eid Prayer without any protocol or security.

2014 Tweet


Clarification Tweet

When a journalist caught up to her lie, she tweeted again to clarify, she mentioned that the eids she was talking about were Eid Ul Fitar 2014, Eid ul Fitar 2015 and Eid ul Adha 2015.


It seems Reham Khan missed the fact that Eid ul Fitar 2014 was in the end of July 2014 long before Eid ul Adha, so she could not be with Imran Khan at that time as she was married in Jan 2015 and divorced later that year.

Reham Khan’s bias and anger towards Imran Khan reflects in her interviews and tweets as it’s the only way to be relevant, she also wrote a book and dedicated a major portion of it to slander Imran Khan using images picked up from “Google Images” as evidence.

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