Last week Chief Minister Sindh announced The Grand Operation against terrorism in the city, after which media wasn’t giving exact figures for a day or two I guess that’s the way they were instructed but Police and Rangers has failed to secure the city.

Daily nearly around 10 to 15 people gunned down in Karachi in specific areas, masses and the majority of the people think entire Karachi is representing hell,any doubt. Now the figure must have gone higher than 20 million people or maybe due to these killings still holding up at the certain level but Karachi no doubt represent living hell, If one doesn’t get shot here, than least each citizen got robbed / snatched / rapped misery is the answer, if you are living in Karachi.

everyone has their own story to tell of there experience, meanwhile life goes on no matter what, at times strikes are being called and public transport vanish from the streets but there’s no holiday so people have to reach at work ” No Matter What It Takes “

2012, been one of the Horrific Year in the History of Karachi, but 2013 nothing has changed so far, still the ratio is same at times even worse than before but nothing seems to be getting better. I don’t know what to say about The Grand Operation ! last week attack on Shahrah-e-Faisal the main stream road over which 70 percent Army / Naval / Airforce resides than again having all the facilities CCTV and Intelligence, fail to protect the main stream Road, Grenade attacks and open Target killing were reported.

Here It seems like Body Counts is same as Stock Exchange, ordinary citizen just get to hear the figures daily and live with the fear that what about tomorrow

Well I am not in law enforcement but It is my right to know, what’s going on, how secure the streets of this city are? Its been 18 months even more that I got my FIR registered about Stolen vehicle, ( GONE TO SOON ) useless piece of paper in december My Phone was snatch at Gun point and only word echos in my head is Investigation Officers ( Inshallah ) nothing else. Police and Rangers failed to protect this is why the majority of the people are looking for arm licence  now the legal method is bit fuzzy since everywhere you go you need PR so that’s where the Arms dealers are earning handsome amount and doing the job.

eventually what’s the government strategy about Karachi Killings? where innocents are dying in vein without any reason and Guns are being, self protection what else any decent sober person can do when he is scared to death going out with his family. Social Media and People all around are way too busy in Shaping the Future of Pakistan meanwhile I am worried about my City Karachi where I cannot bare this injustice openly.

Supreme Court asks Rehman Malik and IG Sindh as the Supreme Court is from UK and Rehman Malik and IG Sindh representing some other country meanwhile Karachi is being treated as an orphan, Political failure, I can understand but Total collapse of Law and Justice in this city, 20 Million People and no Strategy, around a month back Chief Of Army Staff visited Karachi in High Alert security that even mobile phone networks were suspended due to his visit, Is our Army scared? needs protection, His Statement was ” There is no need for Army Operation in Karachi ” Seriously I can see that.

When I cross some Army owned place here in Karachi I cannot imagine how scared our Army is, No offense but ordinary citizens are not even counted as human beings, where as VIPsss are living in a dream they have no idea what so ever is happening in the city, Infact I doubt that they don’t even know who’s IG SINDH now.

This is not the way Democratic Governments represent and Army’s show the solidarity to their own people meanwhile Kashmir issue is there and 5th Feb we all been witnessing since 1990, everyone is more worried about Kashmir while I am about Karachi, Without Karachi, there’s no Pakistan.

Which issue is important to resolve first the Kashmir’s or Karachis ?

May Allah Bless you all.

Farhan Imaan

INCPak ~ Voice of the People ~


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