‘Saeen Sarkar’ came with ‘Evil Genius Idea’ [Motorbike Trackers]

KARACHI: The Government of Sindh is always searching for new ways to generate revenue, These days National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is active so it’s better to say no to corruption. 

Saeen Sarkar aka Sindh Government has to come up with the evil genius idea. 

                       ‘Saeen Sarkar’

GPS tracker mandatory in every bike?
GPS tracker mandatory in every bike?

How about making GPS tracker mandatory in every bike? which of course will give the boost to Network companies and The Tracker companies until the judgment day at least. 

“Sindh has decided to make it compulsory for motorcycle owners to install a tracking device in their bikes. For this purpose, the provincial government will be amending the Motor Vehicle Ordinance.

After the proposed amendment, it will be mandatory for motorcyclists to install tracking devices in their two-wheelers. 

Instead of making Helmets mandatory with the of each bike issuing notices to all the manfacturers to provide certified helmets with a new bike. 

Sindh Government fellas has just found a smart cash-flow remedy. 

Instead of controlling snatching and street crime, increasing police force and implementing law, now bikers have to get ‘Only certified Trackers’ fixed. 

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Motorcycle companies will also be made bound to install trackers in motorcycles.

Sindh Excise and Taxation Department will only register those motorcycles having tracking devices installed in it.

Eventually, People will the consequences and pay for the tracker plus network sim dedicated fitted in it. 

It appears ‘Saeen Sarkar’ knows people will not going to get it fixed so they have issued the notification to the manufacturers and they will charge their beloved customers. 

Well so many will criticize saying that it’s a good initiative well yes, only if Government doesn’t make you pay for it.  

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