“Sarabjit and Sanaullah” – Humans or Enemies?

Quoting Faraz: The border that stands between you and I Resembles nothing but a clear-cut, fictitious lie. The fact is you and I are humans of this race Where when we both look in a mirror, we see the same face. Pakistan, India, India, Pakistan I may read the Gita, and you may read the Koran. Peace between us is here to stay Our children need to see far more than just this day.

These thought provoking lines of Faraz easily convey us the message of the love, peace and humanity which is the time need of the time today.  Unfortunately, sustainable peace in South Asia seems a long way ahead. Although, there has been vital steps which took place in the recent years on the public and government basis to improve relationship and friendship with India but still; Acts of hate, extremism & revenge by few in prison cells across the borders have sparked so much anger that people are burning national flags, accusing each side and sadly the word ‘tolerance’ is unknown. What a pity that even after six decades of animosity we still have not learned.
Weren’t we used to be one nation six decades ago?! Living together under one flag?! Now, we are still the same people with different identities but no doubts, a proportion of people on the both sides hate each other. Haven’t we seen what happened to Pakistani Hockey Players, Pakistani Cricket Players in India? Our people on the both sides need to let go of the best and look ahead. Past has passed. If few inside the jail can show this much hate, imagine how much love we can show together outside of it. Where are the peaceful loving people of Pakistan & India?! This is the time to come forward and play our positive role individually and collectively to stop this dangerous hate spreading across borders.

What happened in the recent months in Indian and Pakistani jails is with the Pakistani and Indian prisoners is immensely sad. Whatever the nationality is, we all condemn this attack. We’ll start with this.

Sarabjit Singh was a RAW shy, was first attacked in Pakistani Jail which was condemned by large number of people in Pakistan and the issue was all over the news in India and Pakistan. Some of the Indian people really blamed Pakistani government and people for it and their response toward the incidence is quite questionable and shocking – They all first need to check the history – How can they forget that Sarabjit Singh was convicted murder who accepted his crimes himself and was responsible for blasts in Lahore and Faisalabad. He was responsible for the death of 14 innocent people who were a part of someone’s family, the light of their homes, who had the right to live and who caused him no harm. They were his victim just because they were Pakistanis. He was given death sentence by Pakistani court in 1991. Every country and religion it is stated if a person is criminal. He/She must be punished for his/her crimes. But It was a good example of humanity by Pakistani government that they didn’t hang the prisoners who were given death sentence in 1991. He was living all these years in Pakistani Jail, Alive.
His appeals for ‘Mercy’ were granted by the Pakistani courts. For a moment compare it with the case in India; There are 250 Pakistani prisoners in India who have completed their sentences but still in jails in India. Among them is Dr. Khalil Chashti is a Pakistani who spent all his life in Indian jail without any proved crime.
It is really sad to see that some people in India, including Sarabjit’s sister blamed Pakistan for all this. Why people has to see all this through political sense, not in humanism sense?! The people who were killed in Pakistan were also someones’ brothers and sisters. Even Today in Indian media, an indian personal has accepted the reality of Sarabjit Singh. We have to deal with it peacefully with keeping humanism first, otherwise it will make things worse in both countries.
I’m upset with the sudden death of Sarabjit and attack on Sanaullah but I believe, some people on the both sides should stop pointing fingers at each other, on the justice system and jail system of both of the countries. We are humans first, and anything else later. I believe peace between India and Pakistan would be the most beautiful thing happened in South Asia and It will open millions of doors of success for both of the countries and its people. Be it planned or unplanned, be it by a group or an individual, at the end of the day – “A HUMAN BEING suffered”, its a human right violation which should not be accepted by any means, whatsoever it needs to be probed in and stopped. So, we can live in peaceful environment and become good friends. We are all of one race called humans – we should only fight for it.

Therefore, at the end. I leave it on to you, “”Sarabjit and Sanaullah” – Humans or Enemies?”
“Kya Khayal hai?!”

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