Shahzeb Khan murder case : Twists & Turns why reality differs

Uptill yesterday, It was confirmed that Shahrukh Jatoi arrested in Dubai where he flee on december 27th 2012, Siraj Talpur became state witness but never been behind the bars like ordinary accused Person gets, so whats the lead here.

Shahzeb Khan murder case is constantly twisting and turning, meanwhile people behind it knows exactly how to handle it, People think once even if he get convicted for death sentence ( Shahrukh Jatoi ) they will get the Justice, I think your mistaken big time ! Siraj-talpur

The Twist in the story is related with the very own first moment when it happened, Siraj Jatoi was there along with Teenager Shahrukh Jatoi, like old-fashioned times it’s common to spark someone hey ! see he abused you and you bared it come on ! Flaming up the fire now understand the case virtue here, this is what Siraj Jatoi did to Shahrukh on which retaliation caused the death of Shahzeb Khan. If we see the story in old-fashioned pure desi style we get the logical reasons behind it, now what has happened here, Talpur has become the State witness after his father Imdad Talpur SPOKE to Higher Police Authorities !  SPOKE so Police won’t arrest? Won’t throw the accused behind the Bars? Come on Wake up people. There are Millions and Billions running behind even a blind can see that.

In actual Siraj Talpur should be behind the bars but can anyone show me a single frame photo that he is and what happened about the Shahrukh Jatoi till yesterday Police was sending or Sent a Squad from Pakistan to bring him back? now asking Interpol ? what’s all this drama the twist?

Unless and Until, Bribery rules in Pakistan you and I won’t see the Justice done equally for all, If it was any ordinary Pakistani, he would have tortured miserably for not paying any bribe to the police, Police don’t anything unless it doesn’t get feeded with Bribery This is Pakistan let’s face the reality, now I cannot say this Suo Motto Case how much is involved how many Vips are involved but eventually it wouldn’t be the fair justice as it should be, because there are several cases in the past who walked out even after being charged 302.

Wake up and Get to know the complete story, what about other witnesses were there only 2 of these ? why aren’t we hearing anything because Media is getting its share as well ! sadly actual story wouldn’t be on the newspapers and the media channels but Independently the way INCPak and others those who are blogging will get you the trail. Justice should be equal I see reality differs.

Both are accused and both should be punished equally state witness, not behind the bars?



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  1. No dought, Shahzaib was Innocent and Culprits must be punished but contrary to the killers thinking, Shahzeb was from an influential family, but still i am hopeless about this Justice, No Comment for an Ordinary Pakistani, No value of Human Life, very Sad ….

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