Students say they are overburdened with online classes

We have been facing and watching this problem for a long time. As we know, the world is going through the coronavirus pandemic and it has become a serious crisis in Pakistan as well. In order to control the situation, Prime Minister Imran khan has announced a countrywide lockdown and have urged all people to stay home.

The Federal Government also ordered to close all educational institutions however, some universities started online classes to cover their syllabus but after many complaints by students against these online classes over reasons that include unavailability of proper internet at home, many of these universities announced an early summer break till 31 May. Although there are still some private universities who are still taking online classes despite several complaints and requests by students facing issues attending these classes from home.

I want to let you know that we students are in a lot of stress due to online classes because we are facing difficulty in taking online classes online, teachers keep assigning us work and don’t have enough time to guide us.

Students are overburdened because our teachers are giving assignments one after the other. Not only is it difficult to understand the online lectures being given, we are being given given a lot of assignments with very not enough time to finish them. We are also human beings. The teachers don’t realize the amount of burden and stress the students are facing we request that the teachers to please give us appropriate amount of time to finish each assignment and also request the Government to please take notice and end online classes.

We have launched many complaints to the concerned authorities but no action has yet been taken.


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