The Street Crime in Karachi – Police and FIR useless !

Since last 5 to 7 years street crime in Karachi has increased specially mobile phones snatching most of the people don’t even bother to report Police but those even does gets just the FIR which is useless.

The Street Crime In Karachi has taken the shape of mafia and daily roughly estimated 200 to 400 mobiles gets snatched even I been the victim myself I ended up registering FIR but the result nothing. Police says CPLC semi private agency will do the investigation and CPLC will make you feel like you gifted your phone to the criminal ! Interesting fact. No matter how many they have recovered, none ever been returned to the people to those it belongs.

That’s fair free hand to the criminals, if even the police catches individual or the groups, there are already multiple new one just entered in this field, Investigation Officers do the formality and later will tell you knock the doors of the court !

Citizens are sick and tired of this hide and seek between the police and the criminals in which FIR never plays the roles neither there’s any department for the check and balance. When we talk about the street crime its not just the mobile phones but on gun point one loses almost what he/she carrying, who hasn’t been snatched in Karachi and got the phone and other items recovered by the help of Police.

To have pressure on Investigation Officer first you need to know DIG or IG directly through which call will be made to the SHO of that police station in which clearly mentioned that you are SOMETHING unlike ordinary than it’s possible they do the investigation else, once you get FIR frame it and hang it on the wall as a reminder of the time.

There is no option to check the status of your FIR online, trendy dialogues by police are usual things! they are good at making you forget what ever you lost by saying “Sir, hum tou koshish kar rehay hain , aap fikar na karein ” — Sir , we are trying , you don’t worry — in actual they are trying to convey message — Sir, Forget what you have lost, we don’t have time to find something in which we don’t get something in return — our policing is highly corrupted but they are the men in uniform, there’s nothing a common man can do, If anyone of you got the recovered phone or anything consider yourself the most luckiest person in the city where law and order only exists to torture ordinary person.

The best you can do is be wise and not to carry valuables and if you have too, keeping praying till you don’t reach your destination else FIR and the frame story I have already mentioned !

Street Crime cannot end until our policing doesn’t get better, Karachi needs honest , strict  Police Officers else street crime won’t ever end nor gonna get controlled.

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