Turkish Plays in Pakistan – Phenomena or Delusion

Turkish plays have rapidly become so popular in such a small time in Pakistan that everyone seems to be talking about ’em. The credit does go to the Turkish drama makers & actors. Their dramas’ stories, realism, actings, visual effects, sound and graphics are exponential which is also responsible for the massive credit. This is the main reason why these Turkish plays such as; Ishq-e-Mamnoon, FatmaGul, Manahil Aur Khalil are in the limelight & have been one of the most talked about subjects on the social networking sites in Pakistan.
The trend of Foreign plays started by Urdu1, initially gave me a comfort that some of Pakistanis would leave their craze for Indian dramas which are totally unrealistic, culture and religion promoting dramas. I was glad that Pakistani viewers have finally said ‘Goodbye’ to Indian soaps, dramas, contents. As in India, they’ve an unspoken ban on Pakistani channels, dramas, etc. I’ve watched a part of a Turkish drama. Turkish plays are against the teaching & values of Islam. e.g the use alcohol, drinking, inappropriate dressing, senses, drugs, etc, are against Islamic culture & values. Channels are promoting such activities. I also realize many of Pakistani dramas don’t represent our culture, Islamic values.

IMG_0410lRecent progress in media has degraded the status of Pakistani dramas. The makers & actors need to raise the bar of Pakistani dramas. If they don’t do it, Pakistani drama industry would face the same phase that Pakistani Film industry faces.

I wish Pakistani drama industry best of luck. I also believe Turkish entertainment gives us a wider outlook on world. We leave it to you, share your opinion.

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