Unsuspected Victims of Drones

It has been 8 years , 4 months,1 week and 2 days since it all started from 18th of June 2004. The Government of United States decided to carry out Drone attacks on the basis of War on Terrorism in North and South Waziristan ( Tribal Areas ) which are known as FATA ( Federal Administered Tribal Areas ) of Pakistan, to fight back with Talibans and Al Qaeeda regime which exists in this area, but nevertheless. These Drones ( Unmanned Ariel Vehicle ) Bomb on pin point locations targets via GPS ( Global Positioning Satellite ) based on local Intelligence ( Waziris ) Local people hired by US which they get paid to place the GPS on the place where Drones will bomb.

How positive intelligence report is when CIA operatives are 8000 KM away back in United States, depends on local intelligence. Today,  Waziristan looks like some stone age civilization where hardly any resources are left for locals to live and

feed their families from. The open battle field is a place where aliens Drones fly in , bomb and fly away. The only report which people get is how many militants killed, never reporting how many were injured especially women and children, there is no report on any media nor newspaper ever on this. As far I can understand these UAV are bombing and when a bomb targets and blows off the place you don’t know whether the house next to it was struck by even a sound wave which is massive. Why has there not been any report of Injured people, Specially when  the Intelligence is based on the locally hired?, this is what Waziris say those who have migrated to various cities in Pakistan even left Pakistan forever, the tribal people are using US Drones for their personal means , mostly for their enemies not the militants they Place the GPS to their enemy’s place as it is smaller just the size of a ( SIM ) ( Mobile GSM Sim Card ) easy to place rather than having to dig the ground as they can simply throw it, rest of the drones that fly above detect the GPS and Bomb its position.

FATA has become playground for Drones to attack in the name of War on Terrorism, If there are so many Militants ( Taliban and Al Qaeeda ) then why don’t Pakistan Army and US Marines both jointly do the operation on the ground, meanwhile Pakistan Armed Forces are on the ground, I am wondering what for?  To see how many more are going to die this time when Bomb will strike? It is hard to swallow the fact that on one hand the world is enjoying Olympics 2012 London and on the other hand Waziristan is being bombed. My mind doesn’t accept this reality that how the Intelligence could be so weak, drones are not Invisible if the militants had them in their sight they could have fired back and yes US has lost quiet a few drones like this too. What is the solution of this never-ending War on Terrorism? After bombing entire Waziristan will the United States achieve its goal and end the terrorism in the world? Seriously that’s nonsense.

What was required the ground operation, Pakistan Army did back in 2008 and before, which was successful by all means and the best thing about it was they moved the local people from that area first than started off the mission so that no innocent dies, later when the operation was over, Pakistan Army re-settled the people helped them to make their homes and continue with their lives. The United States have been carrying out operations in Afghanistan when they cannot control Afghanistan. They start blaming Pakistan and Attacking FATA. The outcome of it is, Pakistani people die, more than 37,000 lives were lost due to this War on Terror this is the official figure, where as I doubt unofficial must be double , killing innocent in the name of War on Terror Anti-Jihad Movement to restore peace, how many more?

The Official figures :-

  • Total reported killed: 2,570 – 3,337
  • Civilians reported killed: 474 – 884
  • Children reported killed: 176
  • Total reported injured: 1,232 – 1,366
  • Strikes under the Bush Administration: 52
  • Strikes under the Obama Administration: 294
  • Total strikes: 346

The Post Effects :

Post effects of the drone attacks on Pakistani cities, all major cities had suicide bombings in which Karachi , Lahore, Quetta , Peshawar and The Capital of Pakistan Islamabad are on top. People has suffered and witnessed brutal after math effects, yet they hasn’t ended. Pakistani Government and United States had the conflict on Slala Check Post Attack which killed Pakistani Soldiers on duty ( Pak – Afghan ) Border bombed by United States, in return first it was said ( GPS Mistake ) Mis-located was it an X-ray that you saw invert and Yes Bomb here ! anyways later after 9 and a half months apology came out of State Department, since they were having hard time to supply from North Route, NATO Supplies restored and just on the next friday Drone Attack killed 13 next day 18, Death toll kept rolling, No Word from Pakistani Officials ( Government nor Army ) even Mr. Notice ( Chief Justice Of Pakistan ) been silent on this issue till dated. Neither Peace can ever be achieved by bombing nor US-AID, United States Citizens Tax payers money being used to Educate the People of Pakistan ( FATA ) is useful, all waste and useless just to show See we are helping you on the other hand there’s a track ( Born to be wild ) .

Shared Intelligence has always failed when ever CIA and ISI worked jointly, there is no such thing as trust in between agencies, X files mostly get shared meanwhile the actual cards never been shown, to what extent this had to go and carry on, I am asking all the people of the world, is it the war against Militants ( Taliban or Al Qaeeda ) which are now recruited and trained again by US Forces as Afghan Police, how great is it? Training my own enemy handing him a gun and a badge and telling him “now you serve the country after we leave”. You know what he must be saying in his mind ,” Idiot, I was doing the same thing without a badge now I have New weapon and I am even getting paid for it!”. No matter what people of the world think or say about this but eventually Afghanistan will be back in Taliban control. Facing the current reality and the facts, there are such places in Afghanistan where US Forces don’t even exist and Taliban hold the Control, just because they cannot eliminate them, Let’s Bomb Waziristan and use Drones for it. I see no Humanity in Humans anymore, War has been going on more than 10 years and it is longest war in the history of the world and nothing gained out of it. None in the history conquered and ruled Afghanistan not even the Afghanis themselves, this land has always been Battle field since ancient civilization.


Are we trying to achieve peace or prefer the destruction, this choice isn’t in the hands of Waziristan ( FATA) Pakistan, just imagine 37,000 Pakistanis all around Pakistan been a victim of this War. How many US Soldiers has died what for? Let’s Say No to War, it’s not the solution to achieve peace 10 years non stop, this time either US & Pak Army decides to do ground operation on full-scale or Stop using local Waziris as their spy agents on the ground that’s so foolish of CIA. I cannot imagine what has gone on with their brain, totally senseless hiring local agents untrained and unaware of War Tactics,  majority of the people are unsuspected victims of Brutality. STOP DRONE ATTACKS ! 


The List of Drones attack in Pakistan by Wikipedia

Independent News Coverage Pakistan.  

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