Victim blaming in Pakistan – Man says being raped is woman’s own fault

Victim blaming women over physical ill-treatments depicts the worst picture of society in Pakistan. Yet, the horrendous act is practiced by more than half of population, including the superior jurisdictions. Similarly, a man was spotted recently, who publicly criticizes the female attires, and declares them to be the major inducements to mounting rape cases.  

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Victim Blaming in Pakistan – Man says being raped is always woman’s fault.

Rape and assault cases in Pakistan have taken an intensified hike in 2020 only, with more than a century of cases proceeding one after another. Besides the working, independent or full-fledged women, the list of ill-fated female sufferers also includes a vast majority of minors, neonates and young girls, who were not even familiar with this cruel world, yet turned out to be an easy target for encircling lecheries and salacity of this Islamic Republic.

However, victim blaming by citizens and higher authorities still prevails in the country as it is far easier job than apprehending and punishing the animalistic offenders.

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Likewise, another video surfaced in recent times, in which an apparently grown up scholar was observed, openly victim blaming the unfortunate rape patsies. According to the sick minded intellect, women’s clothing is a foremost reason for exacerbating physical assault cases in the country.

Man publicly blames women’s apparel for rape cases

The incident took place on some anonymous busy street of Pakistan. A seemingly intellect passenger was interviewed by a female reporter and asked his perspective over escalating rape cases in the country.

In response, the man straightaway pointed fingers at the reporter’s attire, declaring the outfits to be the chief reason for these amplified physical attacks and mistreatment women have been facing. The man told the reporter:

If women will go out in public dressed like this, it is bound to happen,

It is pertinent to mention that the news reporter was very decently dressed as noticeable in the below attached video and responded asking the man:

This dressing? What is wrong with my dressing?

Nevertheless, the plastered saint continued to justify these heinous rape assaults with victim blaming. According to him, the female population wears inappropriate and revealing clothing, somehow striking the libido of malefactors. Hence, it is the females who should be at the blaming end and not the freely wandering humanly beasts.

The bearded man continued to defend rapists saying telling the reporter:

I am telling you if you come out dressed like this. Dressed in skirts and fitted tights, you fan the flames of lust.

Furthermore, the man wasn’t yet ready to let go, as he continued his validations by censuring the television serials and social media over promoting broadmindedness and nudity among the women and youth.

The defender of rapists asked the reporter:

What are we being shown in TV serials?

However, he was right away shushed by the reporter, as she called him out of the world of drama’s and asked him to compliment about Pakistani society in general saying:

Talk about real life,

How many girls in Pakistan do you see walking around in skirts?

However, this man wasn’t going to back down as it was clear the type of mindset he carried as he answered:

Go to any college or university and you will find out yourself. You are not a juvenile who just came out of the blue and no nothing about the universities and colleges environment,

However, the audacious female reporter was also not ready to surrender and let the humbug go with victim blaming. She made a swift comeback, silencing him for real this time by highlighting the physical assaults of infants and neonates, asking him how those innocent creatures are responsible for their mistreatment.

The man was speechless after that and started walking away as he may have realized his non-sense which seems doubtful.

Twitter reactions on victim blaming

The so-called intellect received immense backlash on twitter, with people opposing his sick outlook.


To sum up, in Pakistan, women have always been mistreated in every aspect by the male dominance. But, victim blaming a physical assault that too for the choice of attire is completely unacceptable but sadly still succeeds in the country.

More than 70% population is of opinion that women open up gates to male’s lechery and dirty desires, with their independency, frankness, outfits, late travels and what not. This nation fails to understand that be it a solitary working woman on a lonely street or a perfectly dressed up teen, no women invites these atrocious activities towards themselves. Hence, the problem is with law enforcing agencies, male’s sexual intemperance and the sick mindsets of the society and not the women and no sufferer deserves victim blaming.   

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