All About A900 – Online Course by INCPak

INCPak Team members are willing to teach the technical stuff and we have decided to go with specific device, so that you can learn and understand easily, Sir Jawad Naqvi  aka #EnerJon ( XDA ) will be heading QMobile Noir A900 Crash Course, which is going to be the first of it’s kind.

we’ll be doing one by one device by device if you have different smartphone kindly contact us on INCPak Forum ” Facebook Group ” where we can guide you better. Next i9 and X800 are in a row but for now

If you have QMobile Noir A900, You are ready to join and learn all about A900

How many of you wonna learn everything about A900?

+ Making Backup
+ Restoring Backup
+ Tweaks and mods
+ Porting existing rom
+ Porting New rom
+ Personalizing A900
+ Making Flashable Zip
+ Logic and Basics recovering from soft brick
+ Recovery porting
+ Lot more
+ FAQs by students in live session

Online course will be conducted by Jawad Naqvi aka Mango man. 3 sessions per week duration 60 minutes each overall 6 sessions where you get the chance to learn and ask questions about A900 and android Os .

This course is for those newbies understanding basics and advanced porting and Mod learning on your A900 tutorial will be conducted on wabinar.

+ Only A900 users can register

Interested people can email  with subject ” Everything about A900 “ along with their name , City , Phone , Address .

1st batch classes will start after students rolls up .

Course Fees : 2000/-
Duration. : 2 weeks
Instructor. : Jawad Naqvi
Sessions. : online wabinar

Contact via email


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