Bahria University issue letter to condole death of Haleema

ISLAMABAD: Bahria University Islamabad has issued letter to condole death of their student Haleema.

The press release from Bahria University Management has deeply condoled and expressed their sorrow over the tragic death of their student Haleema.

The press release also clarifies that the rumors circulating on media about her committing suicide and all other negative thoughts are baseless.

The Bahria University management also assured through their press release that a high level inquiry has already been initiated to look into all aspects of the accident.

The press release also said the findings of this inquiry shall be shared with all concerns.

BU Students Protest

The students of Bahria University have initiated protest today. The students protest inside the university and on main Shaheen Chowk , Margalla Road.

Students are demanding the resignation of the rector.

The students remember their fellow student Saqib who committed suicide few months back.

Statement Of Haleema’s Class Fellow

He said the Business Classes were being conducted in under-construction building.

She opened the door and was not aware there was a whole right being the door.

He said the whole was covered with cement sacks.

He also said the management should have put up some sign to alert the students from going there. But there are no such signs placed by the university.

When asked about the news that Haleema fell off while taking selfie, he totally denied and said it was a false accusation.

Rector Bahria University Resigns?

The Rector Bahria University has verbally given his resignation in front of the protesting students.

Haleema’s friend who was with het at the time of the accident

An eye witness and friend of Haleema who was with her at the time of the fall also confirmed she was not taking any selfie.

She also said the floor was just covered with a plastic sheet, we thought it was a floor. As soon as she stepped on it, she fell off.

Agony and pain can be seen in her eyes as she explains the tragic death of her friend. The memories of it will haunt her as long as she lives.

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