Boycott Online Classes Trending on Social Media

A group of students protested outside Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Islamabad on Wednessday to Boycott Online Classes but unfortunately the media did not give the appropriate coverage to these students.

Boycott Online Classes
Boycott Online Classes Trending on Twitter.

Educational institutions were closed in March following the countrywide lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic and soon after colleges and universities started giving online classes to student to cover their syllabus.

Although students are facing a variety of issues which includes internet connectivity as the government did not provide any packages or facilities to these students to attend online classes.

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Following the closure the colleges and universities, the government also ordered that all hostels should be emptied out and students sent home. As a result many students who belonged to rural areas had difficulties attending online classes because of the lack of internet infrastructure in these areas.

Many students were left to their smartphones as they could not afford laptops to attend these online classes making it even more difficult for them to get a quality education.

According to students online classes are just a waste of time as they are not paying heavy tuition fees and deserve better education. Many students started sharing photos of how they were accessing internet just so they can attend these online classes.

Now Twitter is trending with the hashtag #BoycottOnlineClasses, #SayNoToOnlineClasses and #SayNoToUniversityFees and students are complaining about them not getting enough time from teachers even though they are paying tuition fees during times of financial hardship for most families. As a result these students are standing together to boycott online classes.

#BoycottOnlineClasses, #SayNoToOnlineClasses and #SayNoToUniversityFees
#BoycottOnlineClasses, #SayNoToOnlineClasses and #SayNoToUniversityFees
#BoycottOnlineClasses, #SayNoToOnlineClasses and #SayNoToUniversityFees
#BoycottOnlineClasses, #SayNoToOnlineClasses and #SayNoToUniversityFees

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