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Is Education A Right or Luxury?

According to rough estimates Pakistan has a population of more than 200 million with a birth rate of approx 2%. In exact numbers this gets translated to 4 million new births. That is 4 million new children to be enrolled each year for primary education. This figure is free of infant mortality rate that shrinks the new enrollment to a drastic minimum. National literacy rate as of 2015 sits at a mere 57 percent. The total number of enrollment at primary level is still believed to be not more than 58 percent. A rough application of this on the birth rate means each year around 200 million children make it to schools, while the figure drastically sinks to just 800,000 i.e. the number of grads who make it to university level.

The Backdrop

The failure of the state does not limit itself to just primary school enrolment. We have collectively failed in arranging for quality and free of cost education to every Pakistani child irrespective of his cast, color and creed. Where it may for the time being be difficult to arrange for exact number of schools in Pakistan, according to certain estimates there are around 25,000 schools in Karachi only (the figure includes both private and government). Irony of the situation, the Karachi Municipal Corporation website only lists not more than 50 government schools. Though there are numerous of other categories and the figure may not reflect the true situation, this as a sample is enough to gauge the audacity of the state and the society in general.

With the induction of private owners in the education sector the demand for quality education has risen and parents now look for the best of the options available in the nearest of their localities. This where may have resulted in rise of number of students getting

education but has simultaneously created a chaotic situation. Today parents face the dilemma of no or incomplete information, long queues during admission, poor infrastructure, sky rocketing fees and depleting quality of education. With everyone now trying their hands on education it gets difficult in differentiating between the good and the bad. The absence of state and utter failure of regulators in keeping a check makes the situation all worst and parents are left on their own.

Why Easy School?

This grave situation compelled us, a group of friends to look for solutions that could bring betterment and contribute to the deteriorating situation. We look forward in arranging for a first time ever Pakistani portal that could provide for schools’ information without any hassle. Easy School is not just about collecting data and displaying it rather we are here giving users a platform from where they can review schools and comment over the quality of education they are imparting. Call us the Facebook of education or the Instagram of schools; we look forward in arranging all that under one banner.

Why You Should Be A Part Of This?

Our concerns are not exclusive and neither do we looking forward to a business model. Easy School is an initiative of every Pakistani. We understand that you are as concerned about this as us. Easy School welcomes you all on board in making this initiative grow. Join us and help the society by providing us your feedback and suggestion that can help improve this platform. All suggestions will be open heartedly heard. All doable suggestion will be incorporated with due credit.

Our social platforms will be live from 14th August. For updates on our website and roadmap keep following us through our channels.

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