FAKE NEWS regarding opening of schools in Punjab

LAHORE: News regarding opening of schools in Punjab by 15 August 2020 has been confirmed as Fake News by the Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas.

schools punjab Murad Raas
FAKE NEWS regarding of schools: Murad Raas

Earlier, fake news started circulating on social media about schools in Punjab opening 15 August 2020 and this was even aired by some news channels on TV.

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However Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas has taken to Twitter to confirm that all news regarding opening of schools in Punjab is fake news and currently no decision has been taken regarding the matter.

The Education Minister said that only if the COVID-19 conditions are manageable, the government will think about re-opening schools in Punjab by 15 August under very strict standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Murad Raas said in his statement on Twitter that the Government will not take any risks that will endanger the lives of children or teachers.

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