Fake News circulating about opening of Schools in Punjab

LAHORE: There has been news circulating that the provincial government is planning on opening schools in Punjab and that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being worked on by the concerned parties.

Schools Punjab
Fake News circulating about opening of Schools in Punjab.

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas has confirmed that all such news circulating on social media is fake and even though government is working on standard operating procedures (SOPs), it is only being done for when schools do open.

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Although right now there is no exact date for opening of schools in Punjab according to the Punjab Education Minister. The SOPs are only being formulated to prepare for when schools do reopen rather than waiting till the last minute like previous governments says Murad Raas.

The coronavirus cases in Pakistan are rapidly increasing as well as the death toll and according to the experts, July will be a very tough month if SOPs aren’t followed.

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