Features to Consider Before buying a Phone!

Cell phones have become a need for people in this modern life as phones allows you to be in touch from almost anywhere, almost all the time. And you can do more than just talk: Today’s phones let you send and receive email and text messages, surf the Web, and play music, videos & stay in touch on social networks.

Today i will give you some tips you should consider before buying a cell phone , so that you’ll know exactly what to look for Let’s BEGIN !

Features to Consider:

When you’re shopping for a phone, you can do some simple hands-on tests in the store to ensure that the handset has everything you need.

call_quality_person-thumb-550xauto-17840Call quality: what if a phone is not able to make calls ?  When evaluating phones, make a few test calls . we generally place some calls from a quiet room and several others in a noisy environment. You might not be able to replicate such tests indoors, but try your best. Listen for static, tinny voices, and interference. Ask the people you call if they can hear a disruptive amount of background noise.

gamer_phoneDesign: Your choices range from phones with large touchscreens to slider-style handsets with full-QWERTY keyboards. Whichever type of phone you select, check to see if it’s comfortable to hold against your ear, if you can hear callers without constant adjustment, if you can use the phone with one hand, if it fits comfortably in your pocket or bag, and if it’s durable enough to handle some rough treatment. A solidly built phone should be able to withstand getting banged around in a handbag or pocket, as well as a bit of moisture and a short-range drop. You should consider investing in a case or display protector as well—especially if you’re somewhat accident-prone.


Operating system:If you’re looking to do more than make calls and send text messages with your phone, consider the platform that it runs on. The mobile operating system you choose will greatly affect your phone’s capabilities. The most popular platforms are Android(found in many devices) , IOs (found only in iphones) , blackberry OS & Microsft’s windows phone. Each operating system has its own features so get some information before selecting the OS , otherwise you may face problems at initial stage ( for solving problems we are always available :P on sharing & caring page on facebook )

ios-logo android-logoblackberry


Samsung_Galaxy_S3_review_21-580-75Display: If you do a lot of web surfing , watch movies , play games or editing Office documents on your phone for that you need big screen greater than 3 inches , the ideal size is 4.2 inches maximum . For screens bigger than 4.2 inches u need both of your hands to hold it while working on phone

resolutionScreen resolution: The higher the resolution, the better the screen will look. A high-resolution display is desirable if you plan to do a lot of reading on your phone or watch videos. If you are buying an unbranded phone make sure that it supports the resolution according to  specifications quoted, so do some testing on phone so later you would not face any problem .


 2G, 3G, 4G support and availability: Before buying a 2G,3G or4G phone check its availability. As in our country we Don’t have access to 3 & 4 g networks so it will be useless to waste money on such phones .

  • the second generation (2G) is made up of the first digital mobile systems, mainly GSM (the technology found in more than 80% of terminals used worldwide, with networks in practically all countries).
  • the third generation (3G/ 3G+) is made up of voice and data digital mobile systems that support high-speed data services. 3G+ provides higher data speeds.
  • 4G systems is based on a worldwide and convergent technology, the LTE (Long Term Evolution).

3202Cameras: If you expect to take a lot of photos with your phone, you’ll want to pay attention to the phone’s camera specs. For mid- to high-level smartphones, 8 megapixels is now pretty much the standard. However, a higher megapixel count doesn’t necessarily mean a better camera test camera quality before buying. Verify that the phone camera you’re interested in has a good quality  flash or dual flash otherwise, pictures you take indoors or at night will come out looking like blurry messes.Most cell phone cameras also have video-capture capabilities, and most midrange and high-end phones can capture high-definition 480p, 720p or 1080p video. If you like to make video calls then make sure the phone have a front facing camera.


Processor: Dual-core processors are quickly becoming the standard in phones. You can still purchase and run most phones just fine on a single-core processor but as going forward, most phones will have two or more cores. As time goes on, having a phone with a single-core processor may limit the types of applications you can run on your phone, and the types of updates it can receive.

Battery life: There’s no easy way to predict how long a phone’s battery will last. it depends on how much you use your phone. If you’re always on your phone, browsing the Web and making calls, your phone probably won’t make it through a full day before needing to recharge. Make sure you buy the phone with higher Milliamps Hour (mAh) . It is important because it’s the easiest way to distinguish the strength or capacity of a battery. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last.

By Mohammad Asad,

Admin, Tech Talk

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  2. Nice & informative review. Bro, can you put an article about what are the best way to utilize phone battery according to the needs of the customer. Infact i am interested in knowning which apps and what hardware consumes most our phone battery.

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