HEC IRSIP – Application form for PhD students

All Pakistani nationals including AJK residents who are PhD students can now avail IRSIP fellowship abroad by downloading the application form and applying to the HEC International Research Support Program. The scholars can avail this 6-month research fellowship abroad who are already enrolled in PhD programs in Pakistan.

HEC IRSIP Application Form, IRSIP Application, HEC
HEC IRSIP – Application form for PhD students

​​​​​Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is offering a six-month research fellowship abroad to those students who are enrolled in full-time PhD programs in Pakistan. This is providing exposure to the PhD scholars which will enhance the quality of research that they will be conducting in Pakistan. This opportunity also provides to develop linkages between Pakistani and foreign institutions.

The objectives of the IRSIP are:

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For Selection Committee Meetings after June 2013, upper world ranking limit of foreign university has been reduced to top 200 universities for the applicants from all disciplines Agriculture & Veterinary Science, Biological & Medical Science and Physical Science, Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences subjects.

Those Scholars who are already availing any other HEC scholarship are also eligible to apply provided they submit NOC from their concerned HEC dealing officer. 


Submit application form, two copies, to the Project Director after filling as per instructions, along with the documents listed below.

Applications can be submitted round the year. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as they are eligible and fulfil the basic criteria.

Incomplete applications will not be entertained and will be discarded.

HEC IRSIP Application Form

 —– Download IRSIP Application Form—– 

Required Documents:

Application Set 1:

Application Set 2:

Important Note: 

The acceptance letter must be issued by the head of department/ senior professors. Acceptance letters issued by Lecturers, Lab Instructors/expert won’t be acceptable. The acceptance letter must include at least following:  

  This Performa of Foreign Supervisor must be attached with IRSIP Application form.


Selected candidates will be required to enter into a bond with HEC to return and complete their PhD studies at their parent universities. (Click here to download specimen) 

Selected candidates will have to avail the scholarship within six month from the date of issue of award letter or before any such date as specified by HEC. CNIC copies and official seals of witnesses are mandatory.

It is of utmost importance that the doctoral studies carried out in Pakistan are of a standard that is at par with any international reputed institution. This is only possible if candidates are provided with adequate support in research projects. The Fellowship package of IRSIP is a sunder:

Fellowship Package:

Travel allowance:

  1. Economy class return airfare is provided up to Rs 150,000.00 for once.

Living allowance:

  1. Living allowance for different countries: 
CountryLiving allowance per month
UK£ 750.00
Austria, Germany, Netherlands€ 975.00
Rest of Europe€ 900.00
USA$ 1500.00
Korea, China, Malaysia$ 800.00
Rest of world$ 1200.00

Bench Fee:

  1.   Maximum amount of bench fee allowed under IRSIP scheme in different currencies are given in the following table.
US Dollar$ 3500
Pound Sterling£ 1750
Euro€ 2550
Australian Dollar$ 4100
Canadian Dollar$ 3700

Important Note:

The bench fee is only awarded if it is de4manded in the acceptance letter at the time of selection. After selection any demand of fee will not be accepted. The bench fee will be paid to the University directly via wire transfer against the invoice of the amount as mentioned in the offer/invitation letter. The fee invoice must contains student/scholar name, Purpose & duration of visit and complete banking details of foreign university.


Click here to Download IRSIP Feedback Performa

When a scholar returns to Pakistan after availing IRSIP, he/she needs to submit the following documents:

NOTE: If you are an Indigenous Scholar, then you need to submit a set of same documents at Indigenous Section, too.


Higher Education Commission has attempted to strike a balance among different areas of need while selecting PhD students for this short term research support. The number of scholarships awarded to Arts, Humanities and Social Science subjects is on lower side due to low application turnover for these fields. However, enormous efforts are being made to encourage social researchers to apply for this scholarship so that they may be able to research deeply social values and their impact on society.

Agriculture, Biological sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Sciences get the second place in the statistics below. However, scholarships awarded to engineering and business students are the lowest by the reason that either Pakistan has less number of PhD students in these fields or they don’t apply for the program


  1. Is there any last date or deadline for submission of applications?

    There is no deadline or last date for submission of applications. Applicants can apply whole long the year as soon as they fulfill basic requirements of the scholarship.
  2. How much time HEC requires for application processing and selection process?

    It takes round about a month and a half to process the applications and declare results. Usually time span of 20-25 days is given to selected applicants to submit the required documents such as surety bond, bench fee invoice, and university account information etc. Following this, final award letters are issued.
  3. How selection will be made?

    HEC has established a Selection Committee for the selection of scholars under the scheme. The Committee consists of HEC officials, former VCs of known universities and prominent Researchers/ Professors of international repute from Pakistan. The Committee meeting is scheduled monthly to consider the pending cases.
  4. Will HEC coordinate visa endorsement process for the selected scholars?

    HEC will only provide award letter stating the financial support and other terms & conditions of the award. Scholars can use this as supporting document to apply for visa.
  5. Will HEC pay visa fee?

    HEC do not provide any amounts such as visa application fee, health insurance fee etc.
  6. How funds will be released?

    *No funds can be released in favor of the scholar before visa endorsement.
    *Six month stipend is provided to the scholar in the form of Cross Cheque at once in advance before leaving.
    *Bench/ tuition fees will be directly paid to the foreign university against an invoice raised by the university. Any amount over and above the fellowship package will be covered by the scholar himself. 
    *Air travel cost will be paid to the Travel Agency directly.
  7. How much time HEC requires to release funds?

    Advance stipend & ticket: 2-3 weeks
    Bench fee: 4-5 Weeks
  8. What are the progress report requirements of HEC?
    Scholars will be required to submit progress report on their research work on Performa as prescribed by HEC. This report could be asked every two months, three months or at end of the research project as specified by HEC.
    However, at the end of the project every scholar is required to submit detailed report on the six month work through foreign supervisor along with copies of research papers produced.
  9. Can a PhD student avail the scholarship twice?
    No PhD student can avail the scholarship for the second time

SOURCE : Higher Education Commission of Pakistan


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