Justice For Haleema : Students of Bahria University protest

ISLAMABAD: Students of Bahria University has begun their protest demanding justice for Haleema.

Margalla Road is blocked outside Bahria University as students protest against the management of the university.

The 23 – year-old student Haleema Amin passes away on Thursday after falling from the 4th floor of Bahria University Islamabad.

She was a bachelors students enrolled in second semester.

She fell off from the under construction building, where her classes were being conducted.

Haleema was taken to PIMS

Haleema was conscious when she was taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) in the afternoon by university staff, including a doctor. 

She suffered from multiple fractures including her backbone. She was under observation and receiving treatment.

She left this world same day around 4:30pm. People who had brought her to PIMS took her body from the hospital.

Margalla Police Statement

Margalla Police stated they learnt of the incident when Haleema was brought to the hospital.

They were told she fell off the building while taking a selfie.

The university denied access to the police to examine the scene of the incident. The university told the police they will examine and establish the cause of the incident themselves and submit the report.

The body is not with the police nor the hospital.

The family of Haleema is not yet approached for any legal actions.

Autopsy will be performed and legal action will be taken only if the family lodged a complain with the police.

Protest Has Begun

In the meanwhile the students of Bahria University has begun their protest demanding justice for Haleema.

They have blocked Margalla road near the university.

Anger and frustration is seen in the students as this is not the first case.

Saqib Hussain Hakro had committed suicide in July. Saqib Hussain Hakro was a 5th-year Electrical Engineering student of Bahria University Islamabad. His suicide note blamed the university management, he felt suffocated in the depressive environment of the university. No one heard him and no justice was provided to Saqib.

Students React

Videos of protest are poring in social media.

Bahria University Student Protest

Student are Protesting & Marching towards Shaheen Chowk on 27 Sep 2019

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