Justice For Haleema: She Fell From Bahria University 4th Floor and Died

ISLAMABAD: Social media is ones again trending with Justice For Haleema. Bahria University student lost her life after she fell off from the 4th floor.

Even though it appears to be an accident every one is blaming the Bahria University management and administration and demanding Justice For Haleema.

Haleema fell off from the 4th floor because there are no proper fencing to avoid such accidents.

It is being reported that everyone complained about the incomplete construction of the new building and lack of facilities. However, the management completely ignored them.

Out of anger and frustration the students are blurting out that the university only cares about segregation rules, 6 inch rule and other pointless and irrelevant rules.

Other complains of the students include ACs are out of order, BS (Business School) does not have any water cooler and there are lack of General Facilities.

Bahria University Is Pressurizing The Family

Reports are surfacing that as per witness and family members of Haleema the Bahria University management is pressurizing the family and trying to put the blame on others.

Fake Stories

Some fake information are also circulating which are , she committed suicide and also some one pushed her off the building.

The university is also hiding the truth by claiming Business School is not open yet and that “they have been conducting classes in BS department for 2 weeks.

However class schedule shared proves otherwise

Media Also Covering Up By Sharing Fake News

Media also seems to be covering up and helping the Bahria University hide the truth. The media is reporting that she was stopped from going to the under-construction building. The question arises if the classes are being held there why would she or any other student be stopped from going there.

Student Of Bahria University demand Justice For Haleema. Social Media shows that.

Classes were being conducted in the business school since 11th September, 2019. Very insensitive of the administration to give such statements. Ye smjhte hain k ye jo boleinge wo suna jayega or hum chup rheinge lkn hum nahi rheinge.


Protest and Burial

Protest will start from 8:30am till Friday prayer. Haleema will be laid to rest after Friday Prayers.

Forwarded message: Protest tomorrow, 8.30 AM, at Bahria University Drop lane (margalla road)!

Rather than banning tight jeans, using islam to attract admissions, looting students with new policies everyday, if only you could have given a safe building or a proper student counselling

Previous Case of Bahria University

Saqib Hussain Hakro had committed suicide due to pressure of being failed in one subject continuously. In his suicide note he had also mentioned that he felt suffocated in the depressive environment of Bahria University.

He was a 5th-year Electrical Engineering student of Bahria University Islamabad.

Nothing was heard of his case nor did he receive any justice.

READ MORE: Justice For Saqib: Bahria University Islamabad Suicide Case

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  1. Unfortunately we forget such horrible incidents very soon. Why no one takes action against the university administration. We are dead souls. All the students should go to court in order to file a writ petition against university administration.

    Let’s wake up youth. You are very precious. Remember state is means to attain an end- the end is the welfare of its citizens and their safety.

  2. They are not human yesterday girl lost her life due to university management.they just only know how to earn more money .
    they start classes of 2000 Students in under construction building.

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