Justice for Saira Thaheem: Attempt suicide harassed by teachers

SINDH: Justice for Saira Thaheem is trending on social media. She attempted suicide for being constantly harassed and threatened by her teachers.

Saira Thaheem is a pharmacy student at LUMS (Liaquat University of Medical Science. She is a fourth year students. She claims to have been harassed and threatened by a professor and a lecturer for over two and a half years.

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Saira speaking with media

She said she was threatened and harassed with term-back and supply. She faced anxiety and depression for a long time and had to go on medication. She attempted suicide when she stopped taking the medication.

She also claimed the teachers leaked the paper to one of the students before exams and she got more marks because of that and the students who study and work hard are left behind.

There was anger among students because of this and they complained about it but no one supported them.

Justice for Saira Thaheem

Saira Thaheem speaks on social media

Speaking on social media she questioned when a girl tries to attempt suicide, people stand up for her and become her voice. When her attempt fails and her life is saved no one stands by her but people start questioning her character and starts speaking against her.

She said yesterday it was Nimerta, today its me and tomorrow there will be some other girl. She questioned after all how long we will tolerate such injustices?

Many committees are made to provide justice but all have failed till date. Committee made in LUMS to investigate Saira’s case was formed ten days back but there is no outcome of it.

Saira went on to say I do not expect any positive out come from this committee and the VC of the university is trying to label me as a mentally retard person.

She said I will not stop till I get justice, I will go to Supreme Court if I have to.

She has plead for the support of the truth so there are no more such cases.

Saira Thaheem tweeted on 17 October

Dear Governor

please help us , now HOD , Dean and Vice Chancellor are forcing my friends and classmates to speak against me , meetings with my classmates are being arranged by HOD


Dear @BakhtawarBZ Please help me , University Administration is constantly forcing me to step back , instead of arresting proffesers , HOD Naheed Memon , Dean and VC Bhika Ram are saying worst about me



Students of LUMS have taken out rallies. The students demand arrest of the teachers involved in the harassment of the students.

During the protest students demanded action to be taken against Sajjad Laghari, Salamat Sawand ,Zahid Shar and teachers involved in the harassment of Saira Thaheem.

The protestors are demanding justice for Saira Thaheem

The students are being threatened for carrying out the rally. The protestors claimed that pharmacy’s students is being harassed and threatened. She is being told she will be failed, her attendance is being shortened and being told she will face more severe consequences. She is being told to keep quiet.

The students protesting are also being threatened, they are being told “your future is in our hands and we will ruin it. You will be termed back and failed.”

The students now demand strict actions against such teachers as the harassment is increasing day by day. They demand transparent and fair inquiry.

Civil Society Ghotki took out a grand rally in support of Saira Thaheem. Social, political, labor organizations and citizens of Ghotki joined the protest.

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