Justice For Saqib: Bahria University Islamabad Suicide Case

ISLAMABAD: Friends and family are asking for Justice for Saqib after suicide case of a student of Bahria University Islamabad emerged on social media.

Saqib Hussain Hakro was a 5th-year Electrical Engineering student of Bahria University Islamabad. He took his life and left suicide note behind.

In his note he has asked to share his story on social media and police. He has also left a separate note for his family.

His notes reveal that he was under a lot of pressure as he was continuously failing in one subject. He felt suffocated in the depressive environment of Bahria University and decided to take his own life.

He has blamed the system of the university and said it is totally corrupt and follows nepotism.

Praising his parents he has requested not to say anything to his parents as they have always been supportive.

In his note he has left the names of two of his teachers.

  • Sir Muddasir Wahab
  • Mam Tayyaba Qaisar

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Note For Social Media

You can share and upload this page on social media. Kindly do not say anything to my parents. They have stood by me and supported me always. The system of Bahria is divested and corrupt. Bahria is responsible for it.

Mentioned Name of Two Teachers

  • Sir Muddasir Wahab
  • Mam Tayyaba Qaisar

I will be no more

Time 1:52 AM

For Police And Media

For Police and Media  7 July 2019

First of all I want to make it clear, I am taking this step on my own free will. My parents are not to be blamed as they are innocent. They have fully supported me therefore do not blame they nor say anything to them.

I am taking this step due to Bahria University. The teachers work on favoritism, the system which I could not accept.  Due to which I could not get good results. I am not saying that it is not my fault, it is my fault as well and I am totally fed up.

Love you all

I have been trying to get a pistol for a long time but could not get it. I bought this rope from Deharki.

Note For Family

He has left a note for the family and have asked to take care of themselves after he is gone.

He has also said that i don’t want to die, but what can i do i may have to give extra semester. It is very suffocating in Bahria.

He also mentioned his diary in Islamabad and he has written all about his life in it. He has given name and number of his friend who has the keys of his locker.

Some Teachers Are The Biggest Bullies Who Shatter The Confidence of The Students

Justice For Saqib

Saqib Hussain Hakro took his own life due to the pressure of the education system. He took this step to ease the pain. Hope he gets his eternal peace.

But he has left behind family that will be in severe pain day and night as long as they are breathing.

He has left behind the friends who loved him and shared good and bad times with. Today his friends have raised their voice demanding Justice For Saqib.

Memories and the thought of his suicide attempt will haunt them for ever.

Evaluation of Education System

Education system needs to be evaluated. Pressure does not open minds but it kills its ability. To grow in mind it needs fresh air and independence to explore.

Every child and every student has their own unique talent and capabilities. The education system should be able to explore and evaluate every mind and give direction to their students according to their individual expertise.

Having a good grade does not prove the intelligence of a student but making students capable to face the toughest challenges of live is the true essence of a good education system.

Did the Bahria University Islamabad Fail? You can all decide that for yourselves.

Those who knew Saqib Hussain Hakro and even those who didn’t have taken to social media to fight for Saqib and demand Justice for Saqib.

Faisal Larik wrote

Another day without you saqib, we can’t forget you,its the 3rd day but the pain in hearts is still same.we will raise voice for you,untill the justice is served.

Asmara Sardar writes

He wrote in his suicide letter that #bahriauniversity is responsible for his death. He was threatened by two teachers for wearing AJRAK and TOPI in university. Personal grudges of the teacher. Giving him F in his semester. #JusticeforSaqib

Aneel Azam wrote

My friend Saqib Hussain Hakro

, a 5th-year BEE student of Bahria University Islamabad committed suicide leaving a #Letter that says: You may post this letter on social media, the system of #BahriaUni is totally corrupt and Bahria university is responsible for this whole thing

Hamid wrote

I’m literally crying !!!!

aakhir kab tak yeh sb chalta rahega? Intehayiii ghattiyeaa education system, intehayii non-cooperative management, and staff ! We want justice for saqib

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