Punjab Govt will take action against schools planning to reopen

LAHORE: Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas says that strict action will be taken against Punjab schools that plan to reopen unless the government allows it through a notification.

Punjab Schools
Punjab Government to take strict action against educational institutions that are planning to reopen.

The Education Minister took to Twitter saying that they cannot allow school managements to endanger the lives of children and teachers including their families and Punjab schools are to remain closed until the coronavirus situation is resolved.

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Earlier, a notification was issued by the School Education Department giving schools permission to open the administrative offices on the condition that standard operating procedures (SOPs) were strictly implemented.

The purpose of this was to allow schools to carry out activities such as collection of fees and disbursement of teacher salaries. Even though the administrative offices were allowed to open they could only have two people present based on the SOPs issued on 18 April 2020 that were to be followed by Punjab schools.

Below are the details regarding all standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the government for schools to operate their administrative offices.

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