Parents to not pay school fee in Punjab without 20 percent discount

Parents are not required to pay school fee in Punjab if they have not received 20 percent discount as ordered by the government according to the School Education Minister Murad Raas since a new notification has been issued stating that a new ordinance section has been inserted in the Punjab Private Educational Institutions Ordinance, 1984.

UPDATE: No decision taken to open schools or conduct board exams in Punjab

A notification titled “Implementation of Fee Mechanism by the Private Schools During COVID-19 Amendent in the Punjab Private Educational Insitution (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance 1984.” has been issued regarding the matter of school fees.

The notification reads “I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that the Governor of the Pubjab is please to promulgate an Ordinance pertaining to 20% concession in fee by inserting Section 12(D) after 12(C) in the Punjab Private Educational Instituion (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984.”

Punjab School fee
Notification regarding Punjab School Fee issue.

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  1. Although The Govt put efforts to keep the private schools fee structure within the limits, which are never welcome by the money grabbing institutions, and they apply every tool and method to deceive and defeat such effort for instance they split the fee in two parts bigger one some fake and fictitious head and the minor portion as tuition fee. Every policy of discount is applied to the said minor portion, whereas the greater remains as it is. My three children are studying in message Grammer school where my two children, as per settled policy, we’re entitled for 25 and 10 % discount in fee. As stated above, this discount was not given on the whole fee, they were receiving, rather was given on the said minor portion, further this discount has been withdrawn now illegally stating that the students will get only 20% covid discount in the said minor portion which is almost 6% of the total fee. We the parents, are paying huge amounts to schools every month, without any benefit, without any education and withdrawing the said legal discount, which was granted by Honorable courts. Of the country, is very disappointing and requires immediate response from the govt.

  2. Educater school from nankana sahib ma Pori fees wasol ki ha rahi ha or slaybous b Pori fees ka bager Nahi day Raha or slaybous ki azafi fees Alag ha kindly Murad sahib action lea jay

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