Punjab schools to give 20 percent fee discount until they reopen

LAHORE: Punjab schools are to provide 20 percent fee discount until they reopen according to the Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas in order to provide relief to parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Punjab schools fee discount
Punjab schools to give 20 percent fee discount until they reopen.

The Education Minister also said that unless Punjab schools provide the discount, parents are not to pay schools until they receive the revised bill with 20 percent fee discount.

Murad Raas also requested parents to pay the school fee on time so that schools may sustain themselves and pay salaries to teachers on time.

A notification shared by the Education Minister says that schools are to remain closed and students should be imparted knowledge through alternative means in these circumstances.

In an earlier tweet, Murad Raas said that any private schools in Punjab that were planning to reopen will be death with in a very strict manner because they could not afford putting the lives of children and teachers in danger.

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Furthermore, Punjab schools have been given the permission to open their administrative departments on the condition that standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued on 18 April be strictly implemented.

This permission has only been given so that the schools can carry out activities such as collection of fees and disbursement of salaries to teachers. Although, according to the SOPs, not more than two people are allowed to be present at the office. These SOPs are discussed in length in our post below.

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