Sindh Govt launches app online learning learning: Saeed Ghani

KARACHI: The Government of Sindh has launched a mobile application for online learning as schools remain closed to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic according to the Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani.

Sindh Online Learning
Sindh Government launches online learning app for students as schools remain closed according to Sindh Education Minsiter Saeed Ghani.

According to the Sindh Education Minister there are lessons and exercises on the application for science, math and other subjects for students of kindergarten all the way up to grade five.

Also, these lessons are available in different languages including Urdu, English and Sindhi and Minister Ghani said that the app was already being used in some schools as part of a pilot programme for online learning.

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You can download the online learning app by the name of “SELD Learning App by Muse” available on the Google Play Store.

Sindh Online Learning
Online Learning App by Sindh Government.

The Education Minister also pointed out that the Sindh Government also has a YouTube channel where lectures and lessons will be available for college students and the channel has over 14,000 subscribers.

Sindh Online Learning
Sindh Government YouTube Channel for Online Lectures.

Taking notice of unavailability of internet services in remote areas, Saeed Ghani said that they were working to make sure that services are extended to these areas and the government was working with mobile operators to resolve this issue so that online learning is accessible to all students in Sindh.

Saeed Ghani also mentioned that they were working with cable operators to secure channels that will be used for online learning as it was important to not waste time since there is no telling when schools will re-open.

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