Sindh schools to remain closed, students to be promoted: Ghani

KARACHI: The Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said in a press conference that schools in the province will remain closed even after 1 June and the government has decided to students will be promoted on the basis of their previous results.

Sindh Schools Students Promoted Saeed Ghani
Sindh schools to remain closed while students will be promoted.

However, Ghani said that in such a case where students of Grade 1 to 8 have failed any subjects previously will need to take their exam for that particular subject and afterwards based on the result will be promoted to the next grade.

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The Education Minister said:

In case, it is just one or two subjects students have failed, schools will be allowed to take their exam in that particular subject and let them pass,

Although, Saeed Ghani said that there were some complication on promoting students of Grade 9 to 12 and these were being acknowledged by the center. According to the Minister, there were certain laws pertaining to the board exams that do not allow students to be promoted unless they have appeared in the examination.

He did mention that in order to do so, these laws will have to be amended and a committee had been formed to work on the issue and put forward recommendations to the federal government.

The Education Minister also said that nobody can tell when the coronavirus crisis will be over and we need to look at alternative means of educating students as education cannot be suspended indefinitely. Although he did say that government schools and colleges simply do not have the resources or facility to hold online classes.

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