Support for Students with Two-Year BA/BSc Degree

In accordance with a decision taken by HEC in 2016, the two year BA and BSc degree (equivalent to 14 years of education) and MA and MSc degrees will no longer be offered by Pakistani Universities after Academic Year 2018 and 2020, respectively.

However, holders of BA and BSc degree will be allowed to take admission in the third year (fifth semester) of BS (four-year degree) programme after successful completion of 15 – 18 credit hours of bridging courses as prescribed by HEC and the admitting University.

Support for Students with Two-Year BA/BSc Degree
Support for Students with Two-Year BA/BSc Degree

HEC Support for Students with Two-Year BA and BSc Degree

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In place of the two years BA and BSc degree, universities will now be able to offer an Associate Degree through recognized campuses or constituent colleges in market-driven subjects, after necessary approval from HEC, for students with 12 years of schooling. Detailed guidelines for this programme are available on HEC website.

Students holding Associate Degrees will also be able to re-enter the education system by getting admission in the fifth semester of a BS programme after fulfilling additional entry requirements.


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