Zong 4G’s Employees Spend a Day Volunteering at Mashal Model School

Islamabad- Zong 4G’s impetus for a prosperous Pakistanis making way to reduce the social divide inherent in the society. Thus, inorder to highlight the plight to serve under privileged children the ‘New Hope’,volunteers of Pakistan No.1 Data Network, Zong 4G, spent a day with youngstudents of Mashal Model School.      


Scores of deserving young students from Mashal Model School weregreeted with all joy and jubilation after Zong 4G, reached out to them and madespecial arrangements dedicated to these children. 


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Extending a heartfelt gesture of humanity, Zong 4G’s New Hope Volunteers took time from their otherwise hectic professional schedules tospend a day out with these children to bring smile on their innocent faces.Marked with colorful activities including tour to a famous fast food restaurantand sports, the event gave these children a respite from their tiresomeacademic routine and brunt of social challenges they are faced with.

Zong 4G is providing these socially marginalized children a prospect to uplift themselves from the realm ofpoverty. Previously, the New Hope volunteers of the company have delivered computer literacy sessions as well as established computer lab in Mashal ModelSchool that have rendered some transformative life experiences for theunderprivileged.


As a socially aware organization, Zong 4G is committed to createmeaningful impact in the country through its wide-ranging initiatives, straddling across a broad range of social issues.


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