50 Crore Movie being labeled as rip-off of Netflix’s Money Heist

The teaser for the upcoming 50 Crore movie is being dubbed as a rip-off of the popular Spanish show on Netflix titled La Casa De Papel or Money Heist with just slight variations.

50 Crore, 50 Crore Movie, Money Heist
50 Crore Movie being labeled as rip-off of Netflix’s Money Heist.

However, people were quick to react and created an uproar on social media while jumping to conclusions as they compared the Lollywood project to the popular Netflix series.

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The speculations are understandable as 50 Crore movie carries a lot of similarities to the original Netflix’s Money Heist, including their character reveal mugshots of the cast.

The teaser showcased the show’s cast which includes some of the most popular names in the entertainment industry in what looks like an action packed blockbuster.

50 Crore Movie – Cast:

  • Faisal Qureshi
  • Ijaz Aslam
  • Saboor Ali
  • Zalay Sarhadi
  • Faryal Mahmood
  • Asad Siddiqui
  • Naveed Raza
  • Mehmood Aslam
  • Noman Habib
  • Anoushey Abbasi
  • Umer Shehzad
50 Crore, 50 Crore Movie, Money Heist
Character Mugshot Reveals.

Here are some Twitter reactions as people show concern over the project being a blatant copy of Money Heist:

After the teaser for 50 Crore movie started making rounds on Twitter, Aijaz Aslam took to the social media and assured fans that despite the similarities, the project will be different once they see it.


There is no official release date for the movie as of yet and we’ll have to wait and see if it is actually a copy or something truly original and different for the local film industry.

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