Actress Hira Noor falls prey to physical assault

In another case of violence against woman, Pakistani stage actress and theater artist Hira Noor was brutally beaten up by the playhouse owner and his fellows over snubbing their gruesome advances.

Hira Noor
Actress Hira Noor falls prey to physical assault.

Moreover, the revolting incident has been brought into limelight by the actress herself, as she files a First Information Report (FIR) against the animalistic assailants. 

Details as presented by Hira Noor

The incident took place on Monday, in the state of Sahiwal, Punjab. Hira Noor, a renowned stage actress was physically ill-treated by her organization people. The performer dictates, she was on her routine work at the venue, ready to perform on stage, when she came under attack by the Marine theatre possessor, along with his four other fellows. 

Hira Noor
News Headline.

As the actress reveals, right before the concert, Hira Noor was forced into a vacant room by a group of malefactors, along with the owner. The goons tried to rape her, however as she fought back, flouting their attempts, she was viciously beaten up by the offenders. After the incident, the courageous performer went straight to social media, where she shared the details of her traumatic experience with the public. In a video message, Hira Noor states, “I came to perform at the Marine Theatre, where the owner, along with his friends, physically assaulted me.”

Furthermore, the actress has also filed a complaint against the miscreants at Ghalla Mandi police station, requesting the DPO Sahiwal, Amir Taimoor Buzdaar to look into the matter and serve justice.

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To conclude, lately in Pakistan, not a single day passes when women do not fall the sitting victims to monstrous acts like rape, physical harassments, acid attacks and misconducts. Recently, a five year Old’s murder and motorway gang rape incident erupted many severe public reactions and campaigns throughout the country. However, the protests go to no avail as the heinous events keep intensifying in the Islamic republic. 

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