Amir Liaquat alleged third wife shares Nikah details

It looks like Amir Liaquat supposed third wife Haniya Khan is not ready to give up yet, as she claps back at the aalim online host, with nikah details this time. Haniya’s recent claims come right after Amir Liaquat had denied his marriage with the actress in his last announcement, terming it to be baseless rumors. But, Haniya’s recent video message says otherwise.

Amir Liaquat
Amir Liaquat alleged third wife shares Nikah details

Ramadan transmissions host Amir Liaquat Hussain is the present talk of the town and for numerous reasons, with the most prominent one being his third marriage controversy, ignited by alleged third wife Haniya Khan.


The member of national assembly (MNA) had landed at the center of public disparagement soon after the Pakistani actress came up with the claims of being Amir Liaquat’s third wife. However, there is more to the story.

Besides the marriage allegations, Haniya Khan had accused the inaam ghar host and his second wife Tuba Amir of using black magic on her, which had destroyed her physically and mentally. Additionally, to support her statements, Haniya had also shared a series of screenshots of her chats with Amir.
Nevertheless, Amir Liaquat had remained tight lipped over the matter. And, that had motivated Haniya to share some call recordings with the public, in which Amir Liaquat was clearly heard talking to his alleged third wife.

In the audio conversation, the game show aisay chalayga host was caught mentioning, he’ll be in Islamabad soon and that he’ll be staying at Parliament Lodges. Other than that, talking about his current wife Tuba, Amir had said,

“I married Tuba because I was left with no choice. I have never married of my own free will or for love my entire life, … I married Tuba just because my first wife Bushra went to her home and insulted her family, I was helpless at that time. Tuba, just like you (Haniya Khan) belongs to a lower middle class family. I supported Tuba a lot, and I’m still supporting but she does not care anymore.”

Amir Liaquat denies third marriage allegations

When the matter rose to critical prominence, Amir Liaquat Hussain finally decided to break silence as he addressed the third marriage rumors, rejecting them completely. Amir had said, he only has one wife at present, and that is Tuba.

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Amir Liaquat’s third wife responds back

Although Amir Liaquat had denied the third marriage accusations, and failed to recognize Haniya, the actress is not done yet. Presumably, Haniya has a whole stack of proofs to justify her declarations, as she just dropped some additional details regarding her marriage with Amir Liaquat.
In a recent video message posted by the starlet, Haniya has revealed the names of witnesses present during her nikkah with Aamir Liaquat. As said by Haniya, the names are Iman Zara, Adeeb, and Moiz Umer.
In addition to this, she also says that the two used to have meet-ups at parliament lodges. Here is the recent video of Amir Liaquat’s alleged third wife.

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