Asim Azhar responds to reports of new Ali Zafar PSL 2020 song

Asim Azhar was one of the Pakistani singers who were a part of the official anthem of the Pakistan Super League (PSL 2020) that received a lot of criticism right after its release.

However, there have been rumors of a new PSL 2020 song after Ali Zafar said that he is ready to make a new song for the PSL 2020 if cricket fans want him to.

Asim Azhar Ali Zafar PSL 2020 Anthem Tayyar Hain
Asim Azhar responds to Ali Zafar making new PSL 2020 song.

Asim Azhar took to twitter over the statement saying that he would be more than happy to support Ali Zafar making a new song and that there is no insult in this at all.

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Asim Azhar wrote in his tweet:

Ismay insult ki kya baat hai (There is no insult in this).

He’s my senior & I respect him for the work he’s done. I’d be more than happy to support anything for the betterment of Pakistan.

Asim added below in his tweet:

Yehi tou masla hai. Hum aapas mai hi batay hue hain. Aik dusray ko support karnay ki zarurat hai.
(This is the issue, we are all divided amongst ourselves. We should support each other.)

Cricket fans have been at Asim’s neck about the PSL 2020 anthem, Tayyar Hain, ever since it came out comparing it with the PSL 2017 anthem, Abb Khel Jamay Ga, by Ali Zafar and came to Twitter criticizing the young singer not living up to expectations.

Asim even responded to all that criticism saying that there is no competition between these PSL songs and even apologized to fans not living up to the expectations regarding the song.

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