Legendary Actor, Poet Athar Shah Khan passed away

LAHORE: Legendary actor and writer, Athar Shah Khan well for his character as ‘Jedi’ passed away on Sunday.

Athar Shah Khan was 77 and had been ill for some time, He passed away suffering a stroke.

Legendary Actor, Poet Athar Shah Khan passed away
Legendary Actor, Poet Athar Shah Khan passed away

Khan is survived by wife and four sons and He was popularly known as Jedi.

Athar Shah Khan, born 1943, in Rampur UP, British India, migrated to Pakistan in his early childhood.

Athar Shah did Masters in Journalism, and also is a qualified Homeopathic doctor. He is a versatile writer, poet and comedian. He played a memorable comedian role of “Jedi” in a drama serial at Pakistan Television in 70’s which became very popular.

His Urdu writing skills, Urdu drama, direction, acting, Urdu poetry, Urdu humor, short stories, and columns all have captured the minds and interests of Urdu lovers all over the world.

He has written over 700 radio plays,during twenty years; ‘Jedi ke sang’ being his hit serial and many films including the Punjabi classic “Manjhi Kithay Dhwan” and “Baazi”.

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Senator & Minister of Informartion and Broadcast, Shibli Faraz tweets

جناب اطہر شاہ خان جیدی کے انتقال پر بہت دکھ اور افسوس ہے۔ باکمال فنکار نے اپنے فن سے لوگوں میں قہقہےاور خوشیاں بکھیریں۔انہوں نےمزاح کونئی جدت دی۔ان کے شاندار کردار مداحوں کےذہن میں ہمیشہ نقش رہیں گے۔اللہ تعالی ان کو جوار رحمت میں جگہ عطا فرمائے۔

Athar Shah Khan As a Poet ‘Nakam Muhabaat Ka’

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