Is Aurat March alleged blasphemous viral video real?

Hashtags like #DharnaAgainstAuratMarch and #Blasphemy took over Twitter, after an allegedly doctored video from the Aurat March 2021 campaign went viral on the platform with religiously inappropriate chants and slogans. Consequently, a debate has taken birth on the social handles among the feminist and anti-feminist classes.

#DharnaAgainstAuratMarch, Aurat March 2021, Aurat March
#DharnaAgainstAuratMarch trends on twitter after an alleged video went viral from Aurat March 2021.

Every year on International Women’s day, a womankind rally named as ‘Aurat March’ is headed by women’s libber groups in Pakistan, who takes on the different streets of the country. The purpose of the occasion is to battle the patriarchal violence and demand justice, equality and female empowerment, as well as the ground rights of other minority genders.

However, Aurat March is a controversial subject in Pakistan and attracts wide negativity and hostility, owing to the indecent and vulgar activities, watchwords and placards surrounding the occasion. Besides, some events from Aurat March are also triggered to be against the Islamic values and principles, and serve as the strongest defense for anti-Aurat March assemblies.   

Aurat March 2021, Aurat March
Source: Twitter
Aurat March 2021, Aurat March
Source: Twitter

Aurat March 2021

Like every year, Aurat March 2021 also came to pass on 8th of March. The overall event was aimed at fighting patriarchal ferocity and improving healthcare facilities for women and transgender groups, following the pandemic, and the majority posters supported the cause. However, other artworks and mottoes from the event went against the societal and religious ethics and thus landed at the receiving end of huge disapproval and criticism by the opposition.

Aurat March 2021, Aurat March
Source: Twitter

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Citizens scream #DharnaAgainstAuratMarch

Online trolls and disparagement shadows the ‘Aurat March’ every year. But, this time, public is strongly demanding an end to such events after a religiously offensive video took over the internet.

The viral video clip was recorded at Frere Hall, where Aurat March- Karachi was organized.  In the video, the protestors were spotted screeching catchphrases with words like Allah, Rasool and Aulia. And so, the slogans went against the Islamic moralities.

Here is the viral video.

Hence, it was a matter of couple hours the recording created uproar on social media with the citizens uniting against the Aurat March trend. As a result, #DharnaAgainstAuratMarch and #blashphemy flooded the Twitter in Pakistan.

Activist Jibran Nasir opposes blasphemy allegations

When the protests and objections against Aurat March participants escalated to eminence, lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir joined in. He cleared the air regarding the viral video, and termed it to be amended and fake.

Replying to one of the tweet against Aurat March, Jibran tweeted,

“You are well known and experienced anchor. Before sharing this video you should have checked with @AuratMarchKHI organisers. It was not “Allah”, it was “Mullah”, not “Rasool’ but “Fazlo”, not “Aulia” but “Orya”. Your tweet is a blasphemy allegation. Please delete & clarify.”

 Moreover, in another tweet, Jibran Nasir also delivered the original clip from the event, justifying his claims and opposing the #DharnaAgainstAuratMarch campaign.

“The original video from #AuratMarch with correct subtitles exposing the malicious and nefarious propaganda against the March organisers.” – captioned the activist.

To conclude, the video was revealed to be fake and edited that settled the on-going debate. Nevertheless, the online combat between feminist and anti-feminist, anti-aurat March groups still prevails.  

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